DETAILS HERE: We are hiring work at home tele reps.

This position pays $10 per hour, and you must have unlimited long distance for the US, along with a telephone recording device.

This his how it works:

We are currently surveying 800 to 1200 people per day and those who complete the survey are invited to send us an email for more details. We want our telephone follow-up reps to call them back to make sure they got the email address correct, and THAT’S IT!

You will be recording each answered telephone call with your computer using your sound recorder on you computer. When you complete 60 minutes of recorded calls, save it to a wav file, and email it to us for your $10 payment upon verification.

We will provide you a list every week of up to 300 surveyed respondents.

If you are interested, or you know someone that’s interested, simply send us an email at:

The details of our automatic cash sponsoring system will be delivered to you by return email, INSTANTLY!

The work…
Dial a number and when someone answers, start recording and follow this simple script:

Hi May I Speak with (prospect)

(prospect), my name is …. Recently, perhaps you participated in a recorded telephone survey about The Overnight Cash System, where you can receive a cash income at home delivered by overnight courier. The survey asked you 3 questions about why its been so hard to earn an income from home according to the Direct Marketing Industry.

Do you have a minute to speak to me on the phone?

The survey concluded by asking you to send an email to receive additional information and we wanted to make sure you had time to write the correct email address down at the end of the call. Did you send it?

This is it again:

Will you be able to send it now, so I can make sure it goes through?

That’s it! You are done. Stop the recording and dial the next number.

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Please feel free to leave me a comment or ask any questions. I will be happy to get back to you. Thanks

I have live internet training 3 nights a week. Anyone who wants to learn internet marketing can come to our webinars to learn critical skills to make money online. If you like the information you receive from this video, you will love the amount of value and content we train on as a team of marketers. Different marketers will teach their own individual specialty. (We don’t learn from one “guru”) We learn from a team of like-minded marketers. Thank You. Alan Su.
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Now there is a legitimate FREE way to earn prizes while you do searches on the Internet. Swagbucks uses Google and when you surf and you can get points to redeem for cash and prizes. I have gotten gift certificates and I’m open a gift I redeemed at Sign up for free today and earn prizes.

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