Guru Guru Waheguru Guru Raam Daas Guru

Waheguru (Punjabi: ???????? ) is the primary Mantra; it means the “Wonderful Lord”. The word Vaheguru is made up of two word Vaah(e) and Guru. Vaah or Vaahe is an ecstatic expression of awe and wonder. Therefore it is often translated as wondrous or wonderful. Guru derives from two words. Gu means darkness, and Ru (Roo) means light. Therefore Guru means that power, being, and presence, which dispels darkness and brings light, in other words Enlightener. Cumulatively, the name implies wonder at the Divine Light eliminating spiritual darkness. It might also imply -Hail the Lord whose Name eliminates spiritual darkness. Thus the two constituents of Vaheguru (Vaahe+Guroo) implies the state of wondrous ecstasy and offering homage to the Divine Creator Being.

Guru Ram Das is the fourth of the Ten Gurus of Sikh Dharma. Meditating on the name of the Guru, the 4th Master, we are given a connection with the Supreme Being and with it positive spiritual energy.

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Ascending Kali yuga started in AD 500 and ended in AD 1700.Kali Yuga or Iron age is only 1200 year duration in every cycle.
The book, The Holy Science, combines the astrological eras with time periods that are described in ancient Hindu works, notably the Manu Samhita.
MANU a great Rishi [ illuminated sage] of SATYA YUGA,
describes these YUGAS more clearly in the following passage from his SAMHITA:
” Chatvaryahu: sahstrani varshanantu KRITAM YUGAM;
tasya tavachhati sandyam Sandhyamshch tathavidh: .
etareshu sasandheyeshu sasandhyamsheshu cha trishu;
ekapayen vartante sahastrani shatani cha.
yadetat parisankhyatmadaveva CHATURYUGAM;
etad Dawadassahastram Devanam yugamuchyate.
Devikanam yuganantu sahastram parisankhyaya
BRAHMmekmahrgyeyam tavati ratrireva cha.
Thus It says :
[ Reproduced from page 13 & 14 By Yogananda’s guru SWAMI YUKTESHWAR Giri’s THE HOLY SCIENCE ]
” 4000 years , they say , is the KRITI YUGA [Satya yuga or the golden age of the world ].
Its morning twilight has just has many hundreds, and its period of evening dusk is of the same length [i.e. 400 + 4000 + 400 = 4800 ].
Manu says :
In the other three YUGAS with there morning and evening twilights ,the 1000 and the hundred
decreased by one [i.e. 300 + 3000 + 300 ] etc.
That four fold cycle comprising 12000 years is called an Age of the GODS.The sum of the thousand DIVINE AGES constitutes ONE DAY OF BRAHMA;and the same lent is its night.Thus the time period of 4 YUGAS are :
SATYA YUGA = 400+ 4000 + 400 = 4800 Years.
DWAPER YUGA = 200+2000 + 200 = 2400 Years
KALI YUGA = 100 + 1000 +100 = 1200 Years
12000 YEARS, THE SUM TOTAL OF ALL PERIODS OF THESE 4 YUGAS IS THE LENGTH OF THE DAIVA YUGAS or electric couple, two of which, that is 24000 years make the ELECTRIC CYCLE COMPLETE.
Sri Yukteswar (10 May 1855 – 9 March 1936)describes an interesting variant of the Hindu theory of ages. According to him,…the sun, with its planets and their moons, takes some star for its dual and revolves around it in about 24,000 years of our earth-a celestial phenomenon which causes the backward movement of the equinoctial points around the zodiac. The sun also has another motion by which it revolves round a grand center called Vishnunabhi, which is the seat of the creative power, Brahma, the universal magnetism. Brahma regulates dharma, the mental virtue of the internal world.

Yukteswar goes on to explain that the sun’s 24,000 year revolution around its companion star takes the sun progressively closer, and then progressively further away from the mystic center Vishnunabhi. In his system, dharma increases as we approach Vishnunabhi and decreases as we draw away from it. The cycle of yugas takes place twice in each 24,000 year revolution. As the sun recedes from Vishnunabhi, the ages pass in the usual order: Satya, Treta, Dvapara, Kali. As the sun approaches Vishnunabhi, the ages pass in the opposite order: Kali, Dvapara, Treta, Satya.

This video is based on Hindu scripture and Sri Yukteshwar’s famous book Holy Science.His Yuga and time-lines correction has been accepted by scientist world wide and has been verified using the Hindu scripture and also Historical evidence.Binary Lab has been discovering the binary star around which our sun revolves as explained by Sri Yukteshwar.

Details of Mahavtar Babaji(Kalki) is given in the book Autobiography of a Yogi

Nikola Tesla used ancient Sanskrit terminology in his descriptions of natural phenomena. As early as 1891 Tesla described the universe as a kinetic system filled with energy which could be harnessed at any location. His concepts during the following years were greatly influenced by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda.

Swami Vivekananda was the first of a succession of eastern yogi’s who brought Vedic philosophy and religion to the west. After meeting the Swami and after continued study of the Eastern view of the mechanisms driving the material world, Tesla began using the Sanskrit words Akasha, Prana, and the concept of a luminiferous ether to describe the source, existence and construction of matter. .
By the year 1891, Nikola Tesla had invented many useful devices. These included a system of arc lighting (1886), the alternating current motor, power generation and transmission systems (1888), systems of electrical conversion and distribution by oscillatory discharges (1889), and a generator of high frequency currents (1890), to name a few.
The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda/Volume? 9/Lectures and Discourses/History of the Aryan Race

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Obaid Karki An Outcast Kabbalist Spinoziste Pantheon Hexalingual Automath Former UAE Under Secretary Independant Street-Knowledge Talkshow Guru. Unaffiliated to A State, Organized Religion, Sect or Kin. Anti Tribal Gentile.
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According to Shia sources on the way to Basra Iraq the rebel army received news that Ali ibn Abi Talib had come out of Medina in their pursuit
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Before starting this meditation please cover your head, this will give you focus while meditating and is a necessity.

The words of this meditation are:
Pawan, Pawan, Pawan, Pawan, Par Paraa, Pawan Guru, Pawan Guroo, Wha-hay Guroo, Wha-hay Guroo, Pawan Guru

(Pronounced Pavan)

“The breath is the vehicle (pawan) of the Praana. To give reverence to the breathing, Guru said, ‘Pawan Guru.’ The guide, the teacher who has the right to give you all that you need on this planet, is the breath”

“Breath is your guide, your sage, your knowledge. Breath comes from the Par Paraa (beyond the beyond). Your life and its existence are based on breath of life. Create a friendship with it and breathe consciously, mechanically”

“Pawan means carrier of the praana. It is what re-vibrates and reconstructs your cells…Our life is based on the pawan, the carrier of the praana, the praan shakti (power of life). We call it para shakti (power beyond power). This is Pawan Guru.

“Speak it from the navel point, you will have ecstasy. The kriya will be complete if the lips and navel point are pulled at the same time.”
“When this mantra becomes perfected, there is no knowledge in the Universe, which shall not dawn on you. You can be a philosopher, you can be a poet, you can be a scientist, you can tap into the Infinite Library. This is the gift of the sound current. This is the gift. The sound current is a permutation and combination of sound, which creates waves to reach Infinity. And Infinity brings the infinite knowledge” – Yogi Bhajan
The hand movement are as though you are fanning yourself. Then hit your hands lightly on to your knees, clap, click your fingers and then clap once more.

Please close your eyes and focus on the third eye point. This meditation should be done for 11minutes a day for 40 days.

As the video is only 8minutes long please replay the video and a beep will be heard in the 3rd minute and 13th second. This is to make you aware that 11 minutes is over and you can relax.

This video was filmed at the Peace Prayer day in France, at the 2008 Yoga Festival.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask and feel free to leave comments

Khalsa Soulja

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