I think Google+ is going to kick facebook’s ass! Mark Zuckerberg should cash out now before facebook becomes the new myspace!

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http://www.FBSmallBusiness.com – The week leading up to Thanksgiving can be one full of chores. Getting the house ready for guests, completing the shopping list, and finishing work so you can focus on family and friends on the big day.

For over 100 business owners the week before thanksgiving was about getting the edge. Getting the edge with content marketing, Facebook marketing, video marketing, teleseminars, and automation. Dive-in with this quick video where we share insights and give you the edge if you missed the event in Austin.

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This training is based on the experiences of three of the top marketing gurus Tom Bell, Tim Erway, & Mike Dillard. Their combined knowledge, in one place, make this a program not to be missed. It would cost you thousands of dollars to accumulate this knowledge on your own but Mike is offering the training at a very reasonable price.

Check it out at: http://tr.im/iSlT

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