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No More Slaving Away For “Free” Traffic! No More Adwords Traffic Jams! You Now Have A Straightaway To Almost Effortless Conversion Rates As High As 72% With Keywords As Cheap As 5 Cents A Click And No Rules Or Red Tape To Slow You Down!

And You Don’t Need…

• Landing Pages — Direct Link To Any Page You Want (And If You Want To Use A Landing Page, Feel Free To Break All The Rules That Would Get You Slapped Silly By Google)…

• High “Quality Score” (Want To Run Traffic To Squeeze Pages… Sales Letters… Direct To Affiliate Links? No Problem!)

• A Big Budget (Prepare To Find Bargain Basement 5-10 Cent Clicks In Nearly Every Campaign!)…

Best Part: There’s Zero “Guess Work” — So You’ll Be Free To Take Massive Action Right Away — Without Even Risking A Penny Of Your Own Money!*

I’ve put together 10 videos laying out every last step I take daily to set up profit-pulling ad campaigns on four underground PPC networks that control massive traffic, including…

The 7th-largest site on the Internet almost no one is advertising on (you’ll find out why I tell my coaching students I could live just off this one site’s 95 million daily visitors)

Sick of using expensive “third-party” sites to track your ads? I’ll show you how to track all your ads FREE in one place.

The search engine most affiliates ignore — even though the ads are cheaper than Google, Bing or Yahoo, and you can direct-link to any offer you want (and I’ll show you a sneaky way to pick up an automatic $25 account bonus — just go to 20:27 in video 2)…

Why you can start running a cash-pulling ad with just a handful of keywords — and rank in the top three for searches you could never even touch on the “Big Three” search engines…

Why conversion rates on Google can be disappointingly low — and how you can send your response rates soaring by going “off the beaten path”…

How to get even higher click through rates with point-and-click local targeting (target by the block if you want to)…
The incredibly cheap but laser-targeted “secret weapon” traffic source that lets me see my competitors’ exact bids before I place my ads (it’s like playing poker with X-Ray vision)…

The pixel-sized secret that skyrocketed my profits when I started using it 11 months ago — it’s free, but the networks never tell you about it)…

The PPC platform that has nothing to do with any search engine, but gets more traffic than most of them combined
Find keywords with millions of searches a month for pennies on the dollar — and there’s one PPC network that will do it for you with this simple tweak (video 5, 16:05)

The one “Web 3.0″ source where you can put your ads in front of 20 Billion highly motivated visitors a day — it has nothing to do with media buying, and you don’t even need keywords!

The “wholesale” source where you can find “social media” traffic at fire-sale discounts (this is the only way I ever advertise on Social Networks, because I get to skip all the annoying rules without getting banned!)

Why making your campaigns “targeted” can be a waste of time (and how I use this secret to churn out windfall campaigns in half the time — video 7, 08:12)

Skip all the Adwords bidding “fuzzy math” — instead use the “smart-bid” tool that gets my ads in exactly the right spot with just a few clicks…

And because I’m revealing all the PPC sources I’ve discovered at once (not drip-feeding them like the gurus)…

… you’re going to find out why even my laziest $5,000 private coaching students are crushing it with mobile marketing, even though I’ve seen seasoned super-affiliates try it and tank hard.

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