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Launched on July 1st 2009 is Max Stiegemeier’s Extreme Cash Robot a brand new INSTANT Paying, RESIDUAL Income powerhouse that will stuff yourpockets with more bucks than a brinks truck.

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Yes, like many other on-line marketers Jason and I were once part of Google’s “golden era”. No doubt, Google was a true money making machine (up until December 2007).

Things changed…competition became fierce and making a profit as an affiliate marketer with Google AdWords was literally impossible. It actually came to a point where the only one making money from Google AdWords was (and still is!) Google itself!

Finding an alternative to Google was not just an option…it was an urgent necessity.

At the end of the day, making money online as an affiliate marketer is the absolute best income solution, hands down…no matter where you are, who you are, or how big or small your budget is.

Our breakout from Google AdWords and the $7,992.93 income per day formula proved to us and every marketing “guru” out there that the hugest, most profitable playground for affiliates has YET to be exploited by the Google affiliate crowd!

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Continue reading – We are back to our video recaps, despite barely being able to talk. This week I covered that more people are seeing the Google Jazzy blue interface. Also, there was a Google PageRank update and we covered the main changes at Google over the past month. Google Sitemaps is now accepting images. Google graduated malware from Webmaster Tools Labs and made is faster and better. Google AdWords is unbanning some banned AdWords advertisers. Apple is set to compete against Google AdSense for Mobile Apps with Apple iAd. Google Maps dropped the 3D street views, was it a bug or a joke? Yelp is changing their reviews policies in light of all the lawsuits. Finally, Google didn’t show an Easter logo this year again, and people were upset. That was this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

More & More Seeing Google’s Blue Jazz Interface :
Google April 2010 PageRank Update :
April 2010 Google Webmaster Report :
Google Sitemaps Now Accepting Images :
Malware Details Graduates In Google Webmaster Tools :
Google Malware Detection Gets Faster & Better :
Google AdWords Removing Account Bans? :
Apple’s iAd to Compete With Google AdSense Mobile Ads :
Google Maps Drops 3D Street Views, Was It a Prank? :
Yelp To Change Review Policies :
No Easter Logo At Google Again :

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Affiliate Marketing is one of the most valuable skills an internet marketer can learn. Affiliate marketing is pretty simple; the basic idea is to drive web traffic to a product or service and when that person purchases the product you make a commission, usually 50% of the sales price.

Traditionally, affiliate marketing was done in 2 steps. Marketers would implement a traffic strategy and drive traffic directly to an affiliate offer or clickbank product. Well this is the old way of doing affiliate marketing. The proper way to do affiliate marketing is to send traffic to a squeeze or capture page to first get your prospects to opt in into your email campaign. The advantage of doing this allows you to build a subscriber list of individuals that are interested in the niche that you are promoting. Once you have the person on your list, you want to build a relationship with them by giving away valuable information, then soft selling or recommending an affiliate product.

In order to get someone to optin into your capture page you will have to give something away of value. Most marketers will use a free report or video showing or teaching their prospects something of value. Be sure that the information that you give away for free is truly valuable. A good way to determine that is if you honestly feel the information is valuable then, others will to.

So when it comes to affiliate marketing, anyone can start doing this and generating a nice monthly income. Here are the steps again:

1. Drive traffic to a squeeze
2. Offer a free report or video, enticing prospects to optin
3. Building a relationship with your prospects by giving away more valuable content
4. Recommend products or services that will be of benefits to your list that you have just built

To receive good content to give away, you can purchase cheap reports and articles at or These are both great websites in which you can rebrand content and use to build a list and make affiliate commissions. The most popular products to sale on the backend of your sales funnel would be products from

For newbies just getting started with affiliate marketing, I would suggest using This is an affiliate marketing program that does the entire marketing platform for you. I hope you enjoyed this video and I wish you success with affiliate marketing. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment on my channel.



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