“Internet Home Business Bulletproof Cash {STEADFAST} Results: First Page Google Domination”

Jacob Dantzler, Bulletproof Cash Leader shares another video displaying remarkable results achieving First Page Google Domination through the Bulletproof Cash System and his desire to succeed while helping others do the same…

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In this video, you will see the First Page Google Domination which was completed a little within 3 to 4 days all landing on the first page of Google.

What Skills, Leadership and Taking Action does your current leadership have?

Have they left you in the water by yourself only to struggle?

Its time to take advantage of your time and reap the rewards of your efforts with Jacob Dantzler and the Bulletproof Cash System where you CAN FINALLY experience RESIDUAL INCOME and HIGH COMMISSION PAYOUTS…

Time waits for no one. Take action today….




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How to Make 1K Per Day! Part-Time from Home with Internet Marketing and a Great Home Business
What is special about this business is that you do not have to cold call people, find your own leads, or generate ad revenue. You make money virtually, which enables you to reap the benefits of automation, this is how you can make 1K Per Day Online!

Internet marketing, please understand that to make money online, there are no fake smiles or harassing people into a purchase. What is special about this business is that you do not have to cold call people, find your own leads, or generate ad revenue. Internet marketing has a different approach to all of this. You make money virtually, which enables you to reap the benefits of automation, this is how you can make one k each day without any effort.

Of course, there are traditional principles of marketing that apply to internet marketing. With the desire and dedication to succeed being very important to the motivation behind organizing precise actions with proven results. The consistent actions that are required are very simple, therefore expert or guru status is not needed to be successful in this business.

Marketing principles that apply, basically get your product in front of everyone. There are ways to do this that are simple and effective; such as SEO (search engine optimization). Using SEO as a strategy, considers what people search for and how search engines work; thus optimizing your website mostly entails editing the content and HTML coding. When you optimize your website, you increase the sites relevance to specific keywords and remove any barriers to the search engines indexing activities. By strategically using SEO, you will create revenue by generating traffic.

Random visits are not traffic. Traffic is best defined as targeted visitors in multitudes landing on your site due to a specific keyword search. People are looking to find what it is you are offering- information, a specific product, or just a good time. Each qualified visitor generated through SEO has a huge potential to follow through with your site. Keep in mind that though SEO is simple and there is a lot to the process, but so worth the time and effort spent working on it. Oh yeah, if you are looking for the fast track to wealth, sorry, this is a long-term method.

Another way to internet market simply and effectively is the use of CPA networks. When used in conjunction with Google Adwords and domain forwarding, you will have yourself a proven technique. This is an approach that simplifies and enables the best instant results; since you are creating a real internet machine. This includes your landing page, qualified targeted traffic, free trials and more. And the best yet, it is almost instantly!

Using this approach is a much faster way to draw in traffic. The reasoning behind this method is that you do not need content, optimizing, or a website. Yes, you read that right. Once you have something to sell or an address to market, you can upgrade your business quickly.

One last quick note, although the process is easy, there are parts that require previous knowledge of internet marketing. If you are not familiar with Google AdWords, please take time and learn everything about this program, as there are essential rules that are too costly to overlook, from experience, one slight oversight on your part, will ruin all chances of making money online.

To learn more about this and other ways to Make Money Online Fast 1 K Each Day through Various Strategies, Marketing Tools, Mentoring Programs, Coaching, & Video Tutorials click on the Link Below

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On this memorable Baisakhi day (March,30 of A.D.1699) , Guru Gobind Singh Sahib called a big meeting at Kesgarh Sahib near the City of Anandpur Sahib. Between fifty to eighty thousand Sikhs attended this meeting. When all were expecting to hear words of comfort and consolation from the lips of their Guru, they were perturbed to see him with a drawn sword in his hand and cried ‘ Is there anyone here who would lay down his life for Dharam?’ There was a big silence, but the Guru went on repeating his demand. At the third call Daya Ram, a Khatri of Lahore, rose from his seat and offered himself. The Guru took him into an adjoining enclosure….(and soon after) came out with the (blood) dripping….(sword in hand) and flourshing it before the gathering, asked again, ‘Is there any other Sikh here who will offer himself as a sacrifice(for the cause of dharma)? At this Daram Das, a Jat of Delhi (Haryana side) came forward and was taken into the enclosure….(The Guru again came out with the blood-stained sword, and made his previous demand). In the same way three other men stood up, one after another, and offered themselves for the sacrifice. One was Mohkam Chand, a chhimba of Dwarka (Gujarat State); another was Himmat, a cook of Jagannath (Orissa State); and the third was Sahib Chand, a barber of Bidar (Karnataka State). The Guru, after dressing the five in handsome clothes, brought them from the assembly.

These five were then administered ‘Khande di Pahul’ (the double-edged Sword Amrit). They were then knighted as Singhs, as the Five beloved ones, the first members of the Order of the Khalsa. The Guru then asked them to administer the Pahul to him in the same manner in which he had given the Pahul to them, and it was done so.

With the creation of Khalsa, the Khalsa created history and since the birth of Khalsa, the history of Punjab has been the history of Sikhs. Baisakhi played a significant role in this regard. In 1762, Ahmed Shah Abdali, with the sole purpose to destroy the entire Sikh nation, declared ‘Jehad'(holy-war) against the Sikhs and all the Muslims of the Punjab rallied under this slogan. The Sikhs were surrounded near the village Kup in Ludhiana District. Chronicles mention that about twenty thousand Sikhs were martyred in a single day. This event is known in the history of the Sikhs as “Ghallughara” (Bloody Carnage). After this, Ahmed Shah Abdali thought that he had crushed the entire Sikh nation, but was greatly disillusioned when after a few months heard that the Sikhs in large number are celebrating Baisakhi at Amritsar. In due course of time Baisakhi reminds every Sikh of his cultural and religious heritage. On Baisakhi day all the Sikhs used to assemble at Amritsar and decide their problems relating to politics and religion. This convention still goes on.

The celebrations of Baisakhi are similar to the three-day schedule of the the celebrations of other Gurpurabs. It is generally celebrated on 13th April every year.

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THE most important thing you must do when learning and the Network Marketing business IS THAT YOU MUST follow the advice FROM A MENTOR (this doesn’t have to be someone in the same company as you, in fact I am not in the same MLM business that Mike Dillard is in). Mentors have SEEN IT, DONE IT (MADE THE SAME MISTAKES ALONG THE WAY) but now have LEARNED HOW TO DO IT SUCCESFULLY… LET them TEACH YOU!

I came into this industry without a clue around 3 years ago … I did not know how to go about working my business online and after plenty of failures. I STUMBLED UPON this FREE Boot Camp (it is called!) written by Mike Dillard and it was called Magnetic Sponsoring.

When I subscribed to Mike’s 10 day boot camp (around 1 year ago) that came in the form of 10 emails, each one of which OPENED MY EYES to the business. I STARTED WORKING THE WAY MIKE WAS TELLING ME TO!!

DOES IT WORK ? Well, it has for me and therefore IT CAN FOR YOU … here is a screen shot just to show I am not MAKING THIS UP … Results are what matters after all … this is a screenprint which shows the Builders Circle of my company for Europe in December 2007. As you can see my MUG is in 2nd place for the whole of Europe in that month,….. so YES IT CAN BE DONE. You have to work at it, but FOLLOW THE ADVICE OF A MENTOR AND IT CERTAINLY IS POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE.

Anyway, Mike has upgraded the FREE Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp INTO a series of 7 BRILLIANT EYE-OPENING VIDEOS which you are able to subscribe to for free at

If you have not yet studied Magnetic Sponsoring BUT you are trying to find a way to get more leads, more distributors and more customers, THEN YOU COULD NOT MAKE A BETTER DECISION THAN REGISTER FOR THIS FREE 7 step Video Course… you have NOTHING TO LOSE.

Mike’s 7 videos are all ESSENTIAL LISTENING if you want to build your MLM business. Each video is a VIRTUAL GOLD NUGGET OF INFORMATION.

As I mentined at the start I HAVE MADE A VERY SHORT VIDEO LETTING YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WILL GET IN EACH ONE video from the Boot Camp. Please feel free to watch my other videos on YouTube.

SO …

To recap, GO TO AND FILL IN THE INSTANT ACCESS FORM to get started TODAY on your Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp.

Best Of Luck in YOUR business.

Covering the following:
How to get MLM Leads for Free
MLM secrets
Network Marketing guru secrets
Magnetic Sponsoring
Building On A Budget

Mike Dillard
video marketing
youtube video marketing strategy

The Others MLM Gurus:
Joe Schroeder (Starlink, Warriors Nest)
Dani Johnson (Script Book)
Val Smyth (Mentors In Motion)
Kim Klaver (Ms. Stud)
Jerry Clark (Creating Magic)
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Michael Dlouhy (Success In Ten Steps, Color To Success, Success Team Builders)
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Dave Taylor (Blogging)
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John Carlton (Operation Money-Suck)
Perry Marshall (Google Adwords)
Armand Morin (Big Seminar)
Stephen Pierce (The Google / Nike Test)
Dan Kennedy (Magnetic Marketing)
Jay Abraham (Protege Series)
Jeff Paul (Underwear Marketing)
Dave Struckman (ProSTEP)
Don Mikrut (ABP)
Mark Lindsey (FINL)
Dale Calvert (Confessions Audios)
David Ledoux (ILoveMLM)
Wallace D. Wattles (The Science Of Getting Rich)
Bob Proctor (SGR Program)
Robert T. Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)
Mark Hughes (Herbalife)
James Scott (Copywriting Extraordinaire)

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Internet marketing Expert Nathan Salmon’s website is If you are not aware of the power of Social Media and Attraction Marketing Nathan’s site will show how to position yourself effectively to prosper in this fast moving climate. Instead of just relying on adwords campaigns Internet Marketing Expert Nathan Salmon reveals the secrets of brand Marketing and Relationship Marketing which allow you to position yourself in front of a mass amount of Traffic and to convert them with ease. Internet Marketing Experts Capital-Visions favored promotion campaigns are via Video Marketing utilizing sites like YouTube, Myspace, DailyMotion, Viddler, Vimeo etc. Internet Marketing experts Capital-Visions website in the Free-Videos section teach the power of Social Media sites like Hubpages, Ezine Articles, Squidoo, WordPress, Wetpaint etc.

Internet Marketing Guru Nathan Salmon prides himself on staying on top of the latest trends in technology to provide the best cost efficient and powerful strategies for his Clients. Internet Marketing Expert in the UK nathan Salmon is based in the Manchester area and works directly with small – medium sized Businesses giving them great Online Exposure. The best Top Internet Marketing Expert Nathan Salmon has worked with industries like car dealerships, real estate firms, home based business, mlm & network marketing companies. If you would like to know how to become a Internet Marketing Expert don’t hesitate to contact Nathan directly and he will assist you in teaching you the Secrets of Social Media, copywrighting, affiliate marketing and Traffic Generation.

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