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This by far is the most rewarding marketing strategy if you do it correctly but you will go broke if you just throw money at this. The power of Google is enormous. If you use it correctly, Google adwords can be like a cash machine on steroids as it will build your list and produce sales for you all on autopilot.

Before you go near adwords or Yahoo Pay per click marketing however, you need to first educate yourself on how this form of marketing works. If you do not know what you are doing with your pay per click marketing, you will be punished. As always with marketing online, its all about education.

I recommend reading books from google adwords gurus such as Perry Marshall. Here is a quick break down on how pay per click companies work. Google, Yahoo and MSN will reward you for the following
1. How relevant your landing page is to your Add
2. They will also reward you if your adds have a high click-through rate. Click through rate means how often your add gets clicked for how many times your add was shown on the search engine. If you have a high click through rate, the pay per click companies will reward you by lowering your cost on your clicks. If you have a low click through rate, your cost of the clicks will be extremely high.

Pay per click is a true Learning process and I like to refer to it as peeling the onion. You will learn that the top marketers delete the adds that are not converting into leads. One add for example may be receiving clicks but maybe getting no conversions. Another add maybe converting very well. Well in marketing as you probably guessed, we are only interested in conversions. Conversions brings you new distributors, new sales, grows your list so conversions are really the lifeblood of your business.

So if you don’t have much time but have a budget to grow your business pay per click maybe the marketing strategy you are looking for. To find out more about this powerful strategy, go here..

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Google Adwords is dead for affiliate marketing! The only people making money are the “gurus” telling you how to use it! But unlike Google, Yahoo Search Marketing is VERY friendly to affiliates. Promote Clickbank products and others easily.

Of course, Yahoo has a smaller reach than Google, but with the right strategy, you can make even more money promoting affiliate products on yahoo–without having to put up with Google’s ridiculous rules and limitations for Adwords.

There is no “Yahoo slap,” only Google Adwords engages in such hostile practices toward honest affilate marketers. Check out Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots at the link above to learn the “right” way to build your affiliate business (hint: it’s NOT with Adwords ;-)

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In this video, I interview Adwords Guru Greg Cesar.

Greg and I were both speakers at a recent event called Keyword Rockstar Live hosted by my good friends Jon Shugart and Joel Peterson.

Greg Cesar is not the typical guru. He actually practices what he teaches and in this interview I ask him for some advice that I think anyone who is trying to run a successful online business should take note of.

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