See how this scammer changes where he lives when we change our IP location. Want you to think he is one of the local crowd that you can trust. Put you at ease before sucking you into his scam.

This outfit also belongs to the group that seems to own most of these scamming blogs. If you have been scammed by them report them to the authorities like the BBB and Internet Crime Center
They also operate under Google ATM, Googe Treasure Chest and many more.
Your $2.95 for the FREE kit will quickly turn into an automatic $70/m subscription after a few days. It is hidden in the fine print. This is how they make their money. You have to cancel you card to stop further charges.

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the GOOGLE CASH DETECTIVE 2 is now live.

Re-Launch Date Mar. 11 12pm EST
Limited Memberships but you get the backdoor sign up access for Limited Time

the GOOGLE CASH DETECTIVE 2 is now live.

For those that don’t know what GCD is…

By creator Chris Carpenter it is complete all in one search engine, aimed toward Google Adwords, to help you make profitable campaigns on Google to 100% of the time.

The Detective has been crawling 2.5 million keywords twice a day since October 2008.

This is a 30 Day money back product so you have nothing to lose


• Google Cash 4 Video Home Study Course
($197 value)

• Google Cash Revolution
($197 value)

• Landing Page Templates
($497 value)

• Lifetime Subscription to Google Cash Automator
($6,189 value)

• GC Detective Live Q & A Webinar w/ Chris
($97 value)

• 30 Day Money Back GUARANTEE

• Unlimited Keywords

• Instant Data – No Waiting

• 2.5 Keywords Crawled Twice Daily

BEST VALUE YOU GET EVERYTHING – 1 year $1997 after that $97 per month
(4 Part Payment Plan Available)

Memberships are limited, and the last time GCD opened back in 2007 it sold out in just a couple of hours.

And please understand that this isn’t some fake marketing ploy. (A few people who thought we were kidding last time, found that out the hard way).

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Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to Google Adwords. Googles pay per click is the master but there are some alternatives out there you may not be aware of. has an Adword program which is cheaper than Google and very few of the gurus are using it. Why? Well it doesnt have the same pulling power as Google does but its certainly effective enough in its own way.

This is the URL to Fernando Ceballas video about Amazon. Check it out.

If you are looking for more information on how to take your online marketing to a new level so you can dominate in your chosen business model then I would recommend you drop by and visit my Marketing Training and Lead Generating website for more one on one support.

If you are NOT using a Dynamic Strategic Marketing System to support you in your online marketing activities then you will fail.
You cannot do this alone
You will need help.
Peter Castledine
Business phone: +61 8 94486436
Mobile phone : +61(0) 437289 965
Skype : sultans55

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If you’ve always wanted to use Google Adwords to market you home business, but didn’t know how, or thought it was just too expensive, You’ll be amazed at how simple and inexpensive it can be to build your business using the most powerful online marketing tool ever invented…

Mike Dillard and Magnetic Sponsoring’s resident PPC Guru, Jim Yaghi, reveal the 5 biggest mistakes made by networkers using PPC, and how YOU can avoid them…

They also teach how to increase your click through rate over 800%, how to generate over 90 leads for free.
Learn How @

To Your Success
Aldo Gonzalez

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Take A Grim Look Into The Future of Google Adwords (PPC) And Witness…The Most Controversial Google Report Ever Written On Adwords by Simon Leung
On Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 … The Horror Begins…

From this special Google Adwords Report by Simon Leung you will learn:

-Details of behind-closed-doors conversations that resulted in hundreds of companies going out of business (Google’s not going to want you to know this one)

-Corporate decisions that caused the “Google Slap” heard around the Internet Marketing world (there’s a lot more to it than just being at the wrong place at the wrong time)

-What the REAL motivation is behind some of the major decisions Google makes as a company (it’s not what they claim it to be)

-How a system (Adwords) that was once the answer to every business owner’s prayers can suddenly turn against the very hands that feed them (could they have sold out to a being of higher power?)

-And dozens of even deadlier revelations await you inside this grim report…

Many “Gurus” Tried To Explain It, Even More Tried To Teach it.
But The Truth Of The Matter Is, Nobody Truly Knows The Real Story behind Google Adwords (ppc)

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Biz Model Guru, Liz Tomey, gives you a quick introduction to Google Adwords, and also introduces you to, which is a pretty amazing site dedicated to helping people make money online by COPYING the exact campaigns and the exact recipes for wealth from a Qualified Pro. No margin for error… just a template that’s already profitable for you to duplicate.
Click the link below to Learn More About This Amazing eProduct:

For More eProduct Reviews visit us at:

visit or eProductsMart at:

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See how this scammer changes where he lives when we change our IP location. Want you to think he is one of the local crowd that you can trust. Put you at ease before sucking you into his scam.

Their scam signs you up for a costly monthly subscription after paying the low S&H on your FREE trial kit. Once they have your card number they start billing you after about 7 days if you don’t cancel your trial, and in some cases even after you cancel.

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