My QBs right now are Kitna and Garrard, and while Kitna has actually been pretty good, I definitely need an upgrade. My team is stacked at RB/WR with Addai, Grant, Thomas Jones, Chris Johnson, Chris Perry, Brandon Marshall, Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotcherry, and Roddy White.

Teams that are weak at RB/WR with QBs I’m interested in:
Aaron Rodgers, Big Ben, Warner, Manning, Favre, Rivers

I figured Warner could be a cheap option since he is that teams backup and people are constantly scared of Leinart behind him. I feel like Rivers and Rodgers might cost too much. Can anyone offer me some trade ideas/suggestions to upgrade my QB position? Thanks!

Just to clarify, I was looking for help with what kind of players on my team should I trade for some of the available QBs.

Go with Rodgers. I mean Warner has more experience, but honestly, I think the Cardinals are a fluke at the moment. Packers have much better receivers, that show up week after week. Rodgers is new to starting, but is killing it his first two games. Rodgers > Warner for sure.
Nice team, Good luck.

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I wish I could help more. Good luck.