I’m doing a trade that leaves my roster with two open slots and all of these guys are on the waiver wire. I’m thin at WR so I’m definitely going to get either Branch or Gage, but I need one more person. I have strong enough depth at RB where Jackson and Sproles are not necessary, but they could have great trade value later on. Here’s my RB/WRs

Addai, Thomas Jones, Chris Johnson, Chris Perry
Brandon Marshall, Jerricho Cotcherry, Roddy White

So which two of these four would you pick up off the waiver wire? Branch could return as soon as this week, and in the games he played with Seattle last year, he did very well.

I would get Darren Sproles for sure, as you stated his trade value may be very high, and if LT continues to have this toe problem, he could be on the field a lot. For the WRs you listed, neither strikes me as a great prospect. Id look at James Hardy of the Bills if he is out there, he had a TD last week, and he is a huge red zone target at 6’5.

I ordered Google Fast Cash and found out it is a scam. I tried calling their customer service to cancel and they are always busy. What should I do?

As mentioned before, stop the credit card or bank transfer.

If you are talking about http://www.cashsecretclub.com/ , The address for the "fast cash" site is
5348 Vegas Drive, Suite 866
Las Vegas, NV 89108

You can also file a complaint:


Check more on scams here


Vermillion, South Dakota
Blair, Nebraska
Nebraska City, Nebraska
Leavenworth, Kansas
Independence, Missouri
Marshall, Missouri
Marion, Kentucky
Perry, Georgia

Or if you know of any cities near these or such that have any good historical or nature’s wonders type sites to see or places to stay, any info is absolutely great and welcome…

Thanks all!
Or any other sites on the way from Billings, Montana to Palm City, Florida.

This are all country, never heard of them until today but i have been to st pual/minneapolis MN, kansa city, overland park KS, atlanta, athens, GA. and they are beautiful but very big and nothing like historical or nature.

Hi, I have been receiving a lot of emails about this product "Google Cash Detective 2" by Chris Carpenter? I am thinking of buying it, but guess the price is going to be very expensive. Anyone have heard of it? Any honest review, is it worth the money? Thanks, and have a nice day!

Hey Google Cash Detective is not a scam. It has some nice cool features of spying on other people profitable adwords campaign. It should cost hundreds if not thousands for this spying tool. Chris Carpenter is legit, he is also known as the pioneer of direct linking in adwords.

You can see some cool videos about the Google Cash detective 2 and read more review here:


It is launching next Tuesday.

Since the birth of the Internet, millionaires have been created and working from home using your computer is gaining its popularity. The number of Internet surfers increases every year and you can gain a share of this giant pie.

Internet marketing is a low cost marketing strategy that you can use even if you have little budget. There are many companies who know employ successful Internet marketers as consultants to launch their corporate Internet marketing campaign.

Below are some of the basics that are used even today by successful Internet marketers in generating leads, tracking sales, doing market research and most importantly, increasing the company’s profits.

Search Engine Optimization

This is one the basics to propel large number of visitors to the website. Basically, search engine optimization is a study of tweaking the websites to be ranked higher for the chosen keywords. Depending on the area of niche the company is in, for more details visit to www.sell-using-the-web.com choosing certain keywords that have high search volume and at the same time low competition, the company can easily rank at top ten results of major search engines.

For example, there may be a lot more people searching for the word “boat”, but interested buyers or people will search for a more specific keyword like “used boats in Canada”. In this case, if you have a business that is selling second hand boats in Canada, you will of course aim to optimize for this set of keywords. Using tools from Google, for more details visit to www.outsource-beginners.com you can easily know other nearer keywords that you can optimize, the trick is to aim for the first keyword, once the website is shown on page one of Google, proceed to optimize for other similar keywords, for example “used houseboats in Ontario Canada”.

They are already searching for what they are specifically looking for, if you can provide that, it’s targeted and interested prospects visiting your websites.

Building links is another trick in getting higher rankings in search engines, it works something like voting. Having many links pointing back to your website for a keyword say “cheap boats in Canada”, it means that your site is an authority for that particular niche.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

When searching around for information, did you notice the results that are in different color and appearing at the top or the side of the real results? There is also a wording that says “Sponsored Results” These is the companies or websites that pay Google by form of bidding to place their advertisement on the top of certain keywords search.

They are being charged by the number of clicks which means the number of visitors to their websites. In this case, they are buying targeted visitors to their websites. You can create an account easily with major search engines and start bidding on keywords to have your website listed.

The same principles apply; keywords that have higher competition will have a higher minimum bidding price. In order to be successful with Google Ad words, there are mini courses offered by Internet marketers like Perry Marshall who gives insights to the techniques of using Ad words effectively at lower cost.

Article Marketing

It is a form of advertising by providing free contents to the Internet community, with quality content that you’ve presented in the articles, you will gain popularity and authority in the long term.

These visitors can be highly targeted because they are reading your articles if they are interested in your content or information that you are writing. At the end of the article, there is a resource box where links will be pointing to your website which allows people to find out more information.

Some tips for article marketing is to capture readers’ attention first by offering quality information rather than promoting your business. Article marketing is a long term strategies for your websites because it will continue to bring in traffic as long as your articles are well written.


Pay-per-click is something you should know about. Pay-per-click i’snt something you absolutely have to know about immediately, but it’s definitely something you should learn. But how do list building and PPC work together?

Starting your list building strategy with co-reg and JV deals are really the quickest, best, and least expensive ways that take the least amount of brain power for automatic list building. Youre really looking to build your list to several thousand as quickly as you can.

These two techniques will help you to do that. You can go and pick up Perry Marshalls book at For more details go to www.mailing-list-gold.com. It will teach you everything you need to know about how to get your first pay-per-click campaign started. He’s the expert and I wouldn’t deviate much from what he tells you.

But I can tell you how to build a list through pay-per-click.

I don’t care what kind of site you have, the front page of that site, where your domain sits, you need to drive traffic to a list building squeeze page. You need some kind of image (people are best), some text (bullet points work well), and you need an opt-in box.

Opt-in boxes can be pretty simple. You get the code for this through your autoresponder. Give customers a lead in to the form, like: “Just type your first name and email address below:” works fine, or something similar to that. Or, you could get a bit more creative: “Fill in this form to receive your free copy of” You can do this any way you want. And, you can generally complete this step right in the autoresponder program.

The next thing is the opt-in box. If you want a bigger list, if you want your list building to be more powerful, ask only for people’s first names and their email addresses. You don’t need to collect the other information, until they buy something from you, right?

You can collect that other information from list members through your payment processor when they become buyers. People don’t mind giving more information when it comes to finances, usually. Payment processors, like banks, are often what people consider to be “trusted” sources.

But back to the opt-in box It’s also best to put name first, then email. I know that at AWeber, the form comes out the other way around, unless you change the sequence, so be sure to do that.

Then, and this is a very important part, whether it seems like a big deal or not. Change the wording on the bar that usually says, “Submit.” For more details go to www.confessions-followup-marketing.com That won’t get anyone to click. But, if you change the wording to read something like: “Free Instant Access,” just like on MyFirstList, that converts better. Use anything you like.

Then use some bullet points–about five, where you can sell the benefits of the site, which are your list building draws. You notice I wrote “benefits,” not features. Why should people want to learn more about your product? Get your newsletter? Read your ebook? What’s in it for them? Why should they give you their information and sign up for your list? If you tell them why they need to join your list in bullet points, great. If not, use a paragraph, but don’t put much more than that on a page. Keep it short and simple.

Be sure to make your sales page the thank you page in your autoresponder so that people go from list building page to sales page directly.

When your list building squeeze page is built, you add it to your web host, then you go to Google, Overture, Kanoodle, or another PPC site, and place your ad. I’ll let Perry Marshall do the talking. It’s a very smart investment, if you’re serious about online business. But use your campaign to advertise your list building page and drive traffic to it. It’s a very efficient list building strategy.


Adsense is considered as one of the most powerful tools in a website publisher’s arsenal today. It is a program that enables any person who owns a website to monetize their sites quite easily. If used properly, it can generate quite a generous income for them on a monthly basis.
The key to building a site that will make money with Adsense is that you should start by writing some quality content articles, incorporating keywords which pertain to the subject of your website. If writing comes easy to you, why not make it work in such a way that you will be earning some extra cash in the process?
If you don’t know or do not have the time to write articles yourself, don’t despair – you can still do it even if you don’t know how to write a single sentence. for more details www.thegoogleincome.com. You can easily find writers that will write good articles for you by doing a search for freelance writers or ghost writers.
There are actually three steps you will have to follow to earn good money with Adsense. 
These are:
1. Do Keyword research.
Find some popular subjects, keywords or phrases that fit your chosen niche subject . Select the ones which you think This tool will tell you exactly how many people searched for a spesific keyword or phrase during the last month.
2. Write original content articles.
Start writing original article content around the keywords that you have selected – or do what I suggested above by getting someone else to write your articles for you.
3. Build a Quality content site.
By using your orignal articles you will be building a quality content site that the search engines will love. Now, you should be incorporating Adsense ads that targets the subject and keywords of the articles on your websites. It is at this point that you will start earning your first money from Adsense. Continue to build your sites with quality content and you will earn a good income from it eventually.
If you do not have an Adsense account you, you should go here to apply for one.Make sure that you have your site up and running first though! To be approved for Adsense your site will have to have good content, and at least 5 or more pages first.Once you have an Adsense account, you should look at optimizing your ads. The proper positioning of your ads should be done with care .for further detail www.yourgoogleincome.com To optimize the effectiveness of your ads, You should blend the ads so that they fit in with your site and you should try and position them where surfers are most likely to click on them. According to research, the one place that surfers look first when they visit a certain site is the top left. The reason behind this is not known. Maybe it is because some of the most useful search engine results are at the top of all other rankings. So visitors tend to look in that same place when browsing through other sites.
Some of those who are just starting at this business may think they are doing pretty well already and thinking that their clickthrough rates and CPM figures are quite healthy. However, there are techniques and styles that will generate more clicks to double your earnings. By knowing these techniques and utilizing them to your advantage, you could be earning three times more than other people who do not apply these tips, so do study the tips that Google themselves give you..
Finally, the Adsense program has excellent tracking statistics that allows webmasters and publishers to track their results across a number of sites on a site by site or page by page basis. You should make use of these statistics and make the most of it because it is one powerful tool that will help you find out which ads are performing best. This way, you can fine tune your Adsense ads and focus more on the ones being visited the most rather than those who are being ignored.
One thing you should keep in mind is that banners and skyscrapers ads are not effective any more as surfers universally ignore them. The reason behind this is that they are recognized as adverts and most people have become what they call “banner blind”.
To really start making money with Adsense, you should have a definite focus on what you want to achieve and how you will go about achieving it. As with any other kind of business ventures, you will need patience coupled with a bit of work on your part.


Videos on the Internet have become incredibly popular over the last few months with web sites like YouTube becoming some of the most popular sites on the Internet.

VideoBAM has also joined the Internet video market, creating a new service that allows users to create their own page of the videos they like, without having to set up any type of account. The best part about VideoBAM.com is that not only can visitors create a page of their favorite videos; they can also earn cash by using the web site.

The whole process of creating your own video page is quite simple. All you have to do is input a title and brief description of the page you are creating, and then select the videos. Users can either select the videos they want hosted on their page by inputting the URLs where the videos are located (Most be on YouTube.com), or can by entering general terms, such as “Car” or “Comedy” and have a page with related videos instantly created for you. You can even insert their YouTube username to help select the video page. Once you have selected the type of videos you want, enter your Google AdSense publisher ID and earn cash from your page.

Google AdSense is an advertising program where publishers display ads on their web site and get paid when a visitor clicks on an advertisement. By entering your publisher ID with VideoBAM, your ads will be displayed 50% of the time allowing you to earn from your video page.

It is very easy to create a page and you don’t have to pay anything, so head over to VideoBAM.com and get start cashing in on those Youtube videos.

For more information visit www.videobam.com or
Contact : contact@videobam.com

Ivan Wong

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, and it arrives in less than a week. I thought it would be an appropriate time to write about the demons of internet marketing. By this I mean that whenever one ventures into the online business world, trying to make their fortunes online, there are always obstacles to face along the way. Let us call these obstacles “the Demons of Internet Marketing”!

Demon #1: The Demon of Trust

Our first demon when trying to find profitable home based business opportunities online is the Demon of Trust. With so many online, money making opportunities out there, which source is the one we can safely put our hard earned dollars into? Which internet guru is going to take us by the hand and lead us to success? Which opportunities are scams and which are real and legitimate? Well it takes some time to figure these things out, but the time you take to do your research into different opportunities will be well worth it in the end. Most of us delve into this or that hot new opportunity and lose a little money along the way, but if we know the business has a good reputation, have checked it out at the Better Business Bureau, have asked questions in forums and to direct contacts, have compared opportunities, and read books on the subject, then we can probably feel safe that the Demon of Trust is not going to knock us down.

Demon #2: The Demon of Money

The second demon we run across when we are deciding on a new business opportunity, or have already chosen one, is the Demon of Money. This demon can be nasty, as internet marketing ventures can be very expensive if we’re not careful. First we have to determine if we have enough money to not only start, but to sustain a business online. Then we have to create a business plan and budget for ourselves so that we can maintain our business for the long term. After all, a web business is not something you quickly whip up, leave alone, and expect to bring in the bucks. A web business takes a little, or even a lot of money to maintain over time. Ask yourselves if you have enough to do it. Find out ahead of time what costs will be involved along the way. What do you have to pay for membership fees? What programs might you be asked to join? What advertising techniques will you have to pay a pretty penny for? What methods will you use to market your business and how much will it cost? Get an Excel spreadsheet together and track your expenses. If you do these things, the Demon of Money might not burn a hole in your wallet.

Demon #3: The Demon of Time

Running an online internet marketing business is no easy task. It takes hard work, energy, and consistent effort before you can expect to see results. Even if you realize it will take time, there are often unforeseen events that happen in our lives that prevent us from moving forward with our businesses. You have to account for the unforeseen when managing your time. You have to expect to do something every day to get your business rolling, even if you can only manage one small task. Making a daily to-do list really helps in this case. Write yourself a note about what you want to accomplish and set some goals that you will work towards achieving. It’s a bad idea to try and do too much all at once, as it just leads to feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt out. Just like with your money, you need to manage your time in a way that suits every other thing going on in your life: Your day job, your family, your friends, your athletic pursuits, your recreational activities, your rest, and your relaxation. If you can only do a business part-time, don’t try to force yourself to make it full-time. You can only do so much if you want to stay healthy. Plan your days wisely and the Demon of Time will tire you out.

Demon #4: The Demon of Advertising

Internet marketing involves a great deal of advertising if you expect people to find your business online and purchase products or services from you. We must select different forms of advertising to find out what works best for us. This, too, is no easy task, and it can be terrifyingly expensive. If we keep in mind that there are many free and effective ways to advertise and we find and use these methods, then we might survive. Article writing, blog posting, linking, and free classifieds are great ways to advertise our online businesses and don’t have to cost us a cent. But of course, we are going to want to try some paid advertising methods, especially if we have the money to do so. We could select and pay for ezine solo ads, pay for an article submission service, or a ghost-writing service if we have articles written for us. We could pay for Google Adwords, or pay to get quality one-way links pointing back to our sites. We could pay for a press release or newspaper ad or flyer. The possibilities are endless. We have to find out what’s right for us, and sometimes this just takes a little bit of dabbling into everything to find out what works. Then once we find out what works, we can get ahead of the Demon of Advertising by duplicating what we have done to get positive results.

Demon #5: The Demon of Traffic

Once we have our web businesses up and running, we must get visitors to our sites if we expect to make any money online. The Demon of Traffic gives us endless frustration as we try to find ways for people to find our products and services online. If you don’t have a very specific and targeted niche market, then this can get crazy in a competitive internet marketing world. One of the best ways to get traffic to your site is by writing articles and placing the link to your site in the author’s bio-box at the end. Article marketing is huge and your links will get spread around the net in no time, especially if you use an article distribution service that reaches thousands of publishers online. You should also try to get one-way links pointing back to your site by submitting your URL to different link directories on a regular basis. You can also get your links circulating by posting your link in different discussion forums, or making comments on other people’s blogs. Your links are picked up by the search engines and will appear in the search results when someone searches for a particular keyword. You also want to offer a newsletter on your site and perhaps advertise your site by circulating and opt-in form in different traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges are another way to get credits to show your links and build traffic to your site. The ways to generate traffic are endless if you are creative and again, find out what works best for you and duplicate your success.

Demon #6: The Demon of Downlines

If you are involved in a network marketing business, it is a real challenge to build a good downline to grow your network. You have to be willing to find prospects and communicate with them regularly if you expect anyone to join your business. You should be willing to offer your contact information, and accept phone calls to answer any questions your prospects may have. You must be willing to offer your support and assistance whenever it is needed, and you must go out of your way to make your customers feel like they are number one. You may even want to distribute business cards, flyers, brochures, or create a CD to demonstrate your product or service and give it away for your prospects to review. You may want to find network marketing distributors who are already interested in your business and have some knowledge already about it. If you are willing to communicate, support, and be there for your prospects and customers, then the Demon of Downlines can be beat.

Demon #7: The Demon of Sales

Last but not least is the Demon of Sales. Sometimes even when we are doing all the right things in our businesses, the sales just aren’t coming in as we’d like them to. Once we build a list and have traffic to our sites, and we have advertised using this or that method, how do we translate our efforts into sales? How do we keep our current customers interested in our products and services and coming back to us in the future to buy more? Sometimes this is just unpredictable, but one thing you can surely do to help your business boom is to develop solid relationships with your client base. Once you have a list of subscribers to your newsletter, talk to them. Send them personal messages in addition to your business messages. Don’t try to sell them something every time you write or talk to them on the phone. Show them that you care about their wants and needs, and care about making their lives happier in some way. Show them how your product or service will satisfy that need or desire. Show them that you are there and willing to help them at any time. Build rapport with them by asking them questions, and asking for their feedback. Get them involved in your business as much as possible. Once you have a good relationship, you have customers, possibly for life!

Liane Bate

Data Entry Work From Home Secrets Reveled

Do you want to make over $3410 a month working from home, part time?

Heck YES!! Who doesn’t? Well today is your lucky day! For only $19.95 …

We all have been there before. If you haven’t, good for you. Don’t go there. It is just another semi scam. Why do I say semi, well because it is not all lies, it is just a simple misrepresentation of truth.

But before we get to the inside of the secret, let’s take some time to think clearly for a second. Work from home Guru’s do know the secret that makes so much money why are they:
a.Spending so much time and effort trying to selling that secret?
b.Can’t afford a profession web site designer.
c.And most importantly charge for the job.

I will explain the last one in a little more detail. Let’s say somebody really knew a secret like that, wouldn’t it make sense to hire people to work for him, or create a contract starting that the user of the secret will share his first, let say 5% of profit for the first 6 month of the employment. I mean think about it, 5% of $3410 that about $170 a month from a person. It is much better than just charging 19 dollars up front. They must be very generous people. Or may be their secret is not so exciting after all?

So what is it, that money making secret, anyway. What do the secret sell’s men give you for your money? They base their theory on the something that seems like it could work, at least theoretically (so people won’t try to get their money back right away)

There is a web site called a Click Bank, http://www.clickbank.com/ . It specializes on selling digital goods. Anything that could be sold over the internet: e-books, access to web sites and software. What makes this web site so special is that they offer a very good affiliate program. Meaning you can register as an affiliate for the web site, and you can sell any of the product that are listed on the web site. If you manage to make a sell you will get from 50 to 75 percent of that sale. That first thing that you would be told to do by your money making Guru is to register on the click bank site.

The second part involves registering with Google AdWords. That is pay per click advertisement program. Google places your add on other people web sites and you pay for every click, starting from 30 cents, that people make on your ad That is the second thing that the “Secret Tellers” teach you.

An the last thing is the IDEA. The idea is to create an add, that will promote one of the product offered at Click Bank. People would click on your ad, go to the web site of the Click Bank Seller, buy the product, and you will get the 50 to 75 percent commission on the sale. It sound simple and brilliant doesn’t it. It dose sound like it could actually work. And it could. That is when I decided to conduct an experiment.

I researched the click bank, selected a product, and created an advertisement and …
Waited, for a day. I set my advertisement limit for 17 dollars a day, because that is how much I was expecting to make from one sell. So my idea was that if I make at least one sale before I reach my daily limit, I would actually brake even. I ended reaching my limit of 17 dollars in the first 3 hours. I was getting a lot of click, my add appeared on a lot of pages, but I didn’t get any sale’s, so the first 17 dollars went down the drain.

Next I decided to change the product. Also I changed the ad lay out. I stated the price of the product and the service provided on the add, so the people who would click on it would be more likely to buy. And I used a cheaper less expensive key words, to attract more customers for the same amount of money( key word eBay cost one dollar per click, while key word fun, only cost me 30 cents). After accomplishing all that, I left my add for another 3 days. I managed to meet my daily limit, and I canceled the ad before the end of third day. The product did not sell once.

Than I assumed that I used an improper link to direct costumers to the pitch page (Click Bank provides a special link for you, you will get a percent from anybody who used that link to access the pitch page). I only could think of one way to test the link, I bought something from myself. Everything did work, and I received a 25% of the sale price credited to my click bank account as soon as the transfer went through.

What it told me is that 3 and a half day of advertisement and more that 60 visitors did not bring me a single sale. The cost of running ads for 4 days added up to be around 50 dollars. I spent another 7 dollars on the item that I don’t need. And I had 0 dollars to show for it.

Of course may be my add were bad, or may be I have chosen a bad product (both of the times). I don’t know. But even if I did made let say 3 sales, I would still end up loosing money. And in order for me to get 3 sales, I would need 1 out of 20 people who visited the pitch site to actually buy something. I don’t think it is realistic. I know I personally would visit 1000 pages before I would actually buy something. So I don’t think that you can realistically make some money doing something like that.

So I decided not to do the “Data Entry” anymore.

Do you still want to do it?

Fell free to try. At least I saved you $19.95 on the”” #1, Worlds Best Kept SECRET!! “

Sincerely, Alex Kras


Alex Kras