What does a "High to low impedence converter do? I play guitar and I just bought a used Marshall stack with two different kind of cabinets. One is the 1960 Expensive cabinet and the other is the cheaper mg412 cabinet. Along with all the cords and wires and the effects processor and tuner and wah pedal etc…..A whole big bag full of stuff came with the amp…There is a "high to low impedence converter in there the previous owner didnt know what it was for either. It is not made by Marshall and it looks like it has a few places for in and out 1/4" plugs.
What is it for what does it do??? Please help!!!
Thank you and God bless,
Perry in Jax Fla
Is impedence the same thing as "OHMS"? I know one of my speaker cabs is 4 ohms and the other is selectable between 8ohms and 14 ohms. I dont understand ohms and wonder if this converter is to even out the ohms?
CORRECTION; The top cab is 8 ohms and the bottom cab is selectable between 4 ohms mono or 16 ohms stereo at 8ohms per channel. Is this what the converter is for, because the two cabinets the amp head connects to are not the same ohms??
Thank you

It allows maximum transfer of power of the audio signal between Hi-Z and Lo-Z devices.

"sounds better"

If you have an impedance mis-match it introduces distortion [unwanted usually] and usually cuts out the high frequencies.

It *can* also cause equipment damage in extreme cases

I don’t really know the specifics of guitar amps, but have worked in electronics for a long time

FIND OUT what the input and oputput impedances are for all your equipment and try to match them …

where you can’t connect Hi-Hi or LO-LO, use the converter and see what difference it makes in re the sound you want

My three starting wr would be brandon marshall, gregg jennings, bryant johnson. My two rb’s would be steven jackson and marshawy lynch with ryan grant and laurance maroney as backups. I personally don’t see Moss doing to much this season or at least not consistantly with brady gone. Is this a fair trade or is it dumb? thanks

I don’t think you should do this. I actually see Perry having a decent year this year. I know I’m going against all of the "experts" by saying this, but he’s done decent in two weeks against really good rushing defenses. I mean, even LT averaged less than 3 yards per carry in the monday night game. I followed Chris Perry in his college years and was a big fan and expected huge things from him and now he finally gets his chance. Also a little known fact, he had FIFTY receptions two years ago. So you know eventually he’ll be getting receiving yards as well.

Moss is definitely in for a bad year, but he’s still better than Bryant Johnson, by a good amount too. And while Steven Jackson is supposed to be a stud, so far he hasn’t shown it and I’m not sure he will be one of those top 7 or so RBs anymore.

At least for thsi week, keep Perry since he plays the Cleveland Browns, who allowed 3 rush TDs last week against the Ravens. His value should soar as I see him getting a TD for his third consecutive week. If you still want to trade him after that, then look at some other RBs that have shown at least some decency.

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Why I believe Islam and Islamic belief are false.

1 What is Islam.
2 Who is Allah.
3 Demon possession.
4 Demon possession of Muhammad.
5 Muhammad the divine.
6 Muhammad the guru.
7 Deception is the signature of Satan.
8 The deception of Islam.
9 A tree is judged by it’s fruit.
10 The 5 pillars of demonic Islam.
11 The base allure of Islam.
12 The Qur’an is not perfect.
13 The Qur’an is demon inspired.
14 Only the pretender needs to prove himself.
15 The good news of Grace.
16 Resource material.


The word islam means submission.
Islam is a system of beliefs originated by Muhammad who lived in Arabia from 570 to 633 AD.
Central to this belief system is the claim by Muhammad that he believed the angel Gabriel appeared to him in a cave at Hira situated a few miles from Mecca in the month of Ramadan in 610 AD when he was 40 years of age.

The material from this claim and subsequent numerous repeated appearances of Gabriel to Muhammad revealing the words of Allah was recorded in a 114 chapter document named the Qur’an.

Further material was recorded in the Hadith which is a compilation of witnessed accounts of what Muhammad said during his life after 610 AD. The most authoritative and complete version of the Hadith was compiled by Sahih Bukhari (also known as Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ismail bin Ibrahim al-Mughira al-Jafai) who lived some 200 years after the death of Muhammad.

Muhammad’s first vision involved the presence of what Muhammad thought was the angel Gabriel pressing him three times and on each release, commanding him to read. After which the angel said,
“Read in the name of your Lord. Who creates.
He created man from a clot.
Read, by your most generous Lord.
Who taught by the pen.
He taught man what he did not know.”
(Sura 96, verses 1-5 of Al-Qur’an)

Subsequently, Muhammad reported another vision. He saw what he thought was the same angel who appeared to him in the cave at Hira, sitting on a chair between the earth and the sky. He was terrified and returned home and told Khadija, his first wife, “Wrap me” After which, he claimed that Allah revealed to him the following verses of the Qur’an:
“O Enrobed one.
Arise and warn.
Glorify your Lord.
And purify your garments.
And abandon abomination.”
(Sura 74, verses 1-5 of Al-Qur’an)

I believe Muhammad sincerely believed that he actually saw the angel Gabriel. However, I believe that the angel was not Gabriel. I believe the angel was a demon, probably Satan himself.

I believe Muhammad was deceived by a demon who subsequently possessed his mind, changed him and made use of him to deceive mankind into worshipping a pagan idol named Allah in place of the one true God of Abraham called El ( El-Elyon, Elohim).


Some 3000 years BC, in the Tigris and Euphrates river basin, there was an ancient civilization called Sumer, with its people called Sumerians.

From archaeological findings of cuneiform engravings, there was a pagan idol named Lil. The name was subsequently modified to Enlil as well as Ramman-ilani.

This Ramman idol was transported via trade routes to India to become the Brahman of Vedic literature, subsequently forming the Hindu religion.

The pagan idol remaining in the land of origin became known as Baal of Babylon. By trade route spread, this pagan idol became arabicised into the name Al-ilah. Al-ilah also had a consort pagan idol named Al-ilat.

With time, Al-ilah became shortened to Al-lah and then Allah.

The name Allah became known as the generic name for god.

The consort Al-ilat became known as Al-lat. Al-lat is one of the pagan idols found in the Ka’bah shrine in Mecca referred to in the Satanic verses of Sura 53 of the Qur’an.

Hence the name Allah is not the same name used by Abraham for God which should be El. Even the name of Abraham’s son from Hagar is named after El as Ishma-

It is plainly obvious that you like your works of fiction, I suggest you engross yourself in the works of Harry Potter esq. Otherwise you might end up being fanatical, the signs are there, you are not going to change the world no matter what twit told you. The world is what it is, a large piece of crap

self-centeredness, evasion, ridicule, and closed-mindedness? Many atheists use science to back up their beliefs, but since neither the existance nor non-existance of God can be proven by science, shouldn’t you have "no opinion" on His existance if you truly follow science?
Richard Dawkins in his book "The God Delusion" uses anger repeatedly and when speaking to educated critics about his books and belief uses evasion when asked tough questions. Is this the atheist norm? When debating on the infidels web forum Dr. Hugh Ross and Perry Marshall were threatened with violence several times. Is this how atheists back up there belief with anger and threats of bodily harm?
On this forum I’ve seen few atheists who don’t ridicule others with different beliefs than theirs; evade a question that’s tough to answer or give an answer that has little or nothing to do with the question posed. Does this make your assertions seem correct to an outsider who wants to learn about your beliefs?
Richard Dawkins, "The God Delusion";
Perry Marshall website.
infidels web forum 2003 Fall "forum guests Perry Marshall and Dr. Hugh Ross.


yes I have read Richard Dawkins’ book and I have watched and read critiques of his latest work. He seems mild mannered when he speaks but he writes very angily about his belief. And he does use evasion Big time!!! You haven’t seen many of his seminars if you say otherwise.

Unfortunately, many people act with ridicule toward people that disagree with them. Truthfully, Dawkins can be a bit of a jerk, just like, say, Jerry Falwell was. I also don’t find Dawkin’s arguments to be as cogent as they could be, by quite a bit. So in spite of the fact that I agree with his conclusions, I don’t necessarily find him to be the best representative of atheism.

One problem that atheists tend to run into is that they often do know more about the relgious texts and history than the relgious folks do. It is often astonishing how ignorant religious people are about the things they consider to be central to their existence. Also, there is frequently a tremendous amount of ignorance about how science is done as well as the conclusions it can reach.

One thing that leads to a great deal of anger is the number of outright lies that can be found in the religious literature. For example, no working biologist would give any credence to the intelligent design desription that has been pushed by those with a religious axe to grind. The criticisms of radiodating in many relgious tracts are simply dishonest. For people who have the respect of others because of a ‘moral stance’ to blatantly lie makes many, not just atheists, very angry.

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First of all, don’t believe everything you read. Secondly, have a plan (as with any business) and set short term and long term goals.

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Anyway, there are many sources all over the internet who give information on how to promote your site and how to partner with others, etc. What you need is a plan and then stick to it.