Council bans danger doormats

Council officials have ordered tenants to ditch their outside doormats as they pose a ‘tripping risk’.Health and safety officials at Bristol City Council say ‘hazardous mats’ outside doors could hamper escape routes.The council will let people keep mats inside their own front doors – but say all outside mats must go.
Ted Marshall, chairman of the Brookridge House tenants association in Henbury, said: "These people must be sitting in offices with nothing better to do."Another tenant, retired gardener Roger Perry, 62, of Henbury, Bristol, intends to defy the ban. He said: "It is so pointless. I’m keeping mine here to see what they do. If they take it, that’s theft."All the council’s 32,000 tenants got a letter demanding removal of mats by September 18.It told them they "represent a tripping hazard and they should be removed immediately".

Invest in a hedghog and glue it to your doorstep.

Don’t forget to feed it though!!!!

The google cash secret club aka money market club, charged me over a hundred dollars. I tried to my subcription to them a month ago by sending an email, but they never wrote back. They also never sent me a confirmation number with their phone number, so I never though my subscription went through anyways. Has anyone ordered from them or worked for them? Can you please give me their phone number. Thank you! =)

These Google Money things are scams. The phone number is supposed to be on the page you signed up from or on a contact page on the same site. When they decided not to send you a reply to your email that there is a sign that something is wrong. I’d advise you to cancel the subscription through your bank.

Yes, many apples, especially many Indian apples had fallen down before Newton had discovered Laws of Gravitation. Ancient Indian Astronomical texts are replete with Gravitational laws
Let us get into the facts….
1)“madhye samantandasya bhugolo vyomni tisthati
bibhranah paramam saktim brahmano dharanatmikam”
(Surya Sidhantha 12th chapter 32 sloka)
This means:
(first line)”In the midst of universe (Brahmanda), the spherical earth stands firm in the space.”
(second line)”because of the dharanatmika sakti, Earth is standing firm in the space without falling away.”

2)“akrsta saktisca mahi taya yat svastham guru svabhimukham svasaktya
akrsyate tatpatativa bhati same samantat kva patatviyam khe”
(Sidhanta Shiromani, Bhuvanakosa, 6th sloka)
In above Bhaskaracharya (11th Century AD) reveals that:
“Earth naturally attracts every object in the space towards itself .because of this attracting force, all objects fall on the earth .When there is balance in attraction among planets where would they fall?”
3)“cakranasah parinaham prithivya”
(Rig Veda 1.33.8)
It says:
“People who reside on the surface of the Earth’s circumference.”
4)“trinabhicakramajaranarvam yenema visva bhuvanani tasthuh”
(Rig Veda 1.164.1)
It says:
“All the celestial bodies (planets) are moving in elliptical orbits”
5)“sapta tva haritho rathe vahanti deva surya sociksesam vicaksana”
(Rig Veda 1.50.9)
“ava divastarayanti sapta suryasya rasmyah ”
(Atharva Veda
It says:
“Sun’s seven colored rays are making a day”
Does that mean sun has only seven rays? No, sun emits millions of rays. But each ray of light has seven colors embedded in it. The Vedic terminology often refers to word “saptha asva ruda”.It actually means seven colored white sunrays .The Vedic meaning of word “asva” also means “light rays”.
(Source:”Eternally Talented India 108 Facts”)
These are very few facts from the ocean of the Knowledge i.e. “Indian Ancient Texts”. Please go to our coulter and follow it because our ancestors followed it and they became immortal. Please understand the Vedic thoughts and let us practice it. For many more facts and information read the book “Eternally Talented India 108 Facts” by Vivekananda Life Skills Academy, Hyderabad, (,, non-profit enterprise). So be proud of our ancestors and let us make India (Now) Glorious again.
If you are true “Indian” please forward this information to many peoples as much as possible.
Thank You!

not only is that not a question, that doesn’t say anything besides discuss the visual and easily observable phenomena that occur in the world.

No where is there any type of mathematical modeling or computational justification of these visualizations and as such don’t really deserve merit as anything beyond mere observations.

Technically, your paragraph doesn’t even have a point. It’s just paragraphs of snippets of religious texts. It doesn’t make a claim or have a thesis. You just threw something together with the consistency of a squirrel’s nest.

I was banned from The reason they gave me was:
reopened closed thread. I did reopen a closed thread three days ago, because one of the moderators says that I had opened it in the wrong section. I opened it again in it’s proper place and it stayed open for two days. A moderator and charter members even joined in. It was closed again due to wrong category, I complained and they asked if I would like it moved instead of closed. I said yes, it was moved and reopened by the moderator. Then I opened a new conversation:

Title: The Click 101-Impressions vs. Clickthroughs and why you should click

Getting your name out is tough these days. Raising enough funds for an excellent ad campaign can be exhaustive
and making money off ads on your site without a airtight campaign is near impossible. Even search engine optimization
(that creates sites that look like they were designed by mindless robots)to get a good page rank becomes less and less
effective every time an engine gets updated.

However, the system is flawed. Corporate America and the Advertising gurus have made an undeniable mistake, assumption.
They assumed they could impress images and words about their products and ideas into the minds of the masses
(approximately 90% of the time)without anyone clicking through.

That’s exactly what a impression is, an impression on your brain. A clickthrough is you clicking on a ad. They bet
that the average human being will not click on the ads due to the speed of life, jealousy and other massive internal
problems in Society as a whole. What does this do for them? It raises tons of money for companies selling adspace,
which they make off of impressions(micro pennies on the dollar)while providing an inexpensive solution for their
corporate(giant ants) clientele(5 million dollars for 5 billion impressions is a great deal for these money masters.).

Meanwhile, millions of visited sites created by common citizens are being exploited. They pour their hearts and souls
into these sites so that the masses(they hope)will enjoy their works. Then these diligent, hardworking little ants try to
find a way to eat. Uh oh, here comes corporate America(giant ants)with some good news, "You can put our names and images
on the face of every page in your entire web body and if somebody clicks on us we’ll pay you a quarter." The little
ant(common citizen)replied, "Wow, big brother, a Quarter, if I get three of those I can get a candy bar, thanks!" The
little ants put their(big bother ant’s)ads up and are immediately deemed sellouts by the crowd. Whether it be a nascar
racer with too many stickers on his helmet, or a boxer, with Larry’s Hardware on his a$$, that has no heart. The real
sellouts are the manipulated masses that allow inexpensive to nearly free brainwashing through and by big brother
ant(Corporate America) impressions.

Here’s the solution, exploit Corporate America back. Click on at least two ads or more that you see on every site you
visit that allows you to absorb the little ants(common citizens)juices for free. Who cares if you’re interested in what
the ad that you’re clicking on has to offer(these ads are still impressing into your brain, make them pay for those
impressions)? Click, click, click, was that so hard(It’s self satisfying and fun too!) Don’t worry, corporate America
will survive. Even if some of the old players get removed by the board and are replaced by new players. There’s still
a board and it’s ok if some of the little ants become big ants and vice versa, just don’t tick off the Anteater! So,
join The Click and play the game. There’s no membership required!Click, click, click! [close/]

Twenty minutes later my account was deleted by people who claim to have been fighting ignorance since 1973. Where has freedom of speech gone since 1973?

It has gone into the shackles of the politically correct.

Calvin Johnson


Chris Perry and
Jerricho Cotchery

I currently have Calvin Johnson, but I also have Brandon Marshall and Steve Smith (Car). I need a RB to use as a #3/flex. What do you guys think?
I am in a super super deep league, so players who are even remotely attractive are on another team already. We play with 2 rbs, 3 wrs, and 1 rb/wr flex.

DO IT! You have Marshall and Smith, so you won’t need Johnson

Perry and Cotchery are average.

I am wondering if someone can explain how to understand what an employer really wants when they run an ad that details computer skills.

For example, I see ads that state you must be proficient in Microsoft Office. I assume that means you must know Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point inside and out-know all of the components of each application.

Then I see ads that ask for "strong working knowledge" or "solid work experience" with Microsoft Office (or applications). Can someone interpret this for me, please? My friends and I somewhat disagree.

It seems to me that with many ads, you cannot know until you get to the interview. I wish they would be specific-I have seen ads that state in detail what they want.

I am not a guru, but I am very experienced with Word and I am comfortable with the basics and possibly more with Access,PP, and Excel. I know people who say they can do it all, but if you ask them about certain parts, they have no idea.

Any help would be great!

Ah yes, English can be such a complicated language sometimes. To me, a strong working knowledge of M$ Office means you should know a lot about the applications. There’s no way you can ever know everything about these programs though. As an aside, the guy teaching a computer course I once went on said that there isn’t anyone who can use every single function in Excel.

It all depends on what sort of job you’re looking for though. If you’re doing secretarial type work, your existing knowledge of the suites should be more than enough. On the other hand, if you were going for a test job that involves writing macros and things, that would be a different matter.

Ok here’s my situation. I’m already running Tomlinson and Chris Perry over Turner and Forte, but now I’m sitting with this major issue:
Lee Evans or DeSean Jackson?
Brandon Marshall is already my WR1 and now I have two high rated receivers for WR2.
Another option is run all Marshall, Evans and Jackson if I sit Jason Campbell as my QB2. Campbell was 33 of 54 for 348 yards, 2 TDs and an interception his last time against the Cowboys in Dec 2007.
Any suggestions?

Marshall and Evans. Look at the defense they are playing.