“Learn how to attract endless new leads and customers to you using the powerful marketing psychology of “Magnetic Sponsoring”, whichever network marketing company you are in”

THE most important thing you must do when learning and the Network Marketing business IS THAT YOU MUST follow the advice FROM A MENTOR (this doesn’t have to be someone in the same company as you, in fact I am not in the same MLM business that Mike Dillard is in). Mentors have SEEN IT, DONE IT (MADE THE SAME MISTAKES ALONG THE WAY) but now have LEARNED HOW TO DO IT SUCCESFULLY… LET them TEACH YOU!

I came into this industry without a clue around 3 years ago … I did not know how to go about working my business online and after plenty of failures. I STUMBLED UPON this FREE Boot Camp (it is called!) written by Mike Dillard and it was called Magnetic Sponsoring.

When I subscribed to Mike’s 10 day boot camp (around 1 year ago) that came in the form of 10 emails, each one of which OPENED MY EYES to the business. I STARTED WORKING THE WAY MIKE WAS TELLING ME TO!!

DOES IT WORK ? Well, it has for me and therefore IT CAN FOR YOU … here is a screen shot just to show I am not MAKING THIS UP … Results are what matters after all … this is a screenprint which shows the Builders Circle of my company for Europe in December 2007. As you can see my MUG is in 2nd place for the whole of Europe in that month,….. so YES IT CAN BE DONE. You have to work at it, but FOLLOW THE ADVICE OF A MENTOR AND IT CERTAINLY IS POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE.

Anyway, Mike has upgraded the FREE Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp INTO a series of 7 BRILLIANT EYE-OPENING VIDEOS which you are able to subscribe to for free at

If you have not yet studied Magnetic Sponsoring BUT you are trying to find a way to get more leads, more distributors and more customers, THEN YOU COULD NOT MAKE A BETTER DECISION THAN REGISTER FOR THIS FREE 7 step Video Course… you have NOTHING TO LOSE.

Mike’s 7 videos are all ESSENTIAL LISTENING if you want to build your MLM business. Each video is a VIRTUAL GOLD NUGGET OF INFORMATION.

As I mentined at the start I HAVE MADE A VERY SHORT VIDEO LETTING YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WILL GET IN EACH ONE video from the Boot Camp. Please feel free to watch my other videos on YouTube.

SO …

To recap, GO TO AND FILL IN THE INSTANT ACCESS FORM to get started TODAY on your Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp.

Best Of Luck in YOUR business.

Covering the following:
How to get MLM Leads for Free
MLM secrets
Network Marketing guru secrets
Magnetic Sponsoring
Building On A Budget

Mike Dillard
video marketing
youtube video marketing strategy

The Others MLM Gurus:
Joe Schroeder (Starlink, Warriors Nest)
Dani Johnson (Script Book)
Val Smyth (Mentors In Motion)
Kim Klaver (Ms. Stud)
Jerry Clark (Creating Magic)
Tom “Big Al” Schreiter (Fortune Now, Vitamark International)
Michael Dlouhy (Success In Ten Steps, Color To Success, Success Team Builders)
Art Jonak (, Vitamark International)
Mike Potillo (, Vitamark International)
Marlon Sanders (The Amazing Formula)
John Reese (Traffic Secrets)
Yanik Silver (Underground Seminar / Instant Salesletters)
Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula)
Mike Filsaime (Butterfly Marketing)
Jeff Johnson (Super Affiliate Coaching)
Brad Fallon & Andy Jenkins (StomperNet)
Dave Taylor (Blogging)
Gary Halbert (The Gary Halbert Letter)
John Carlton (Operation Money-Suck)
Perry Marshall (Google Adwords)
Armand Morin (Big Seminar)
Stephen Pierce (The Google / Nike Test)
Dan Kennedy (Magnetic Marketing)
Jay Abraham (Protege Series)
Jeff Paul (Underwear Marketing)
Dave Struckman (ProSTEP)
Don Mikrut (ABP)
Mark Lindsey (FINL)
Dale Calvert (Confessions Audios)
David Ledoux (ILoveMLM)
Wallace D. Wattles (The Science Of Getting Rich)
Bob Proctor (SGR Program)
Robert T. Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)
Mark Hughes (Herbalife)
James Scott (Copywriting Extraordinaire)

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In this episode of ,We have an interview with Google Adwords master, Perry Marshall. And in the Quick Tip we reveal our latest favorite tool for managing Twitter and Facebook..

Visit to get immediate access to your 30 Day, no risk, trial membership to Internet Business Mastery Academy, where you will get full access to ALL of our courses, tools, and resources for creating your own internet business and escaping the 9-to-5.

You will have access to the internet business courses, a Grill the Guru interviews, Success Book Summaries, Cubicle Escape Interviews, Checklists, and new video tutorials in the Million Dollar Rolodex.

Duration : 1:19:38

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CLICK THE LINK ABOVE TO GET STARTED MAKING LOADS OF CASH RIGHT AWAY!! The Google Game Is Over! The Most Profitable Ppc Champion Is Here To Stay…Video Proof: $463,590.22 In Only 58 Days! A Brand New Discovery (The Yahoo ‘Glitch’).
Yes, like many other on-line marketers Jason and I were once part of Google’s “golden era”. No doubt, Google was a true money making machine (up until December 2007).

Things changed…competition became fierce and making a profit as an affiliate marketer with Google AdWords was literally impossible. It actually came to a point where the only one making money from Google AdWords was (and still is!) Google itself!

Finding an alternative to Google was not just an option…it was an urgent necessity.

At the end of the day, making money online as an affiliate marketer is the absolute best income solution, hands down…no matter where you are, who you are, or how big or small your budget is.

Our breakout from Google AdWords and the $7,992.93 income per day formula proved to us and every marketing “guru” out there that the hugest, most profitable playground for affiliates has YET to be exploited by the Google affiliate crowd!

Duration : 0:0:33

Continue reading — Everything that you would hope to find on a website about Adwords. Learn about Web Advertising here for free!

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No More Slaving Away For “Free” Traffic! No More Adwords Traffic Jams! You Now Have A Straightaway To Almost Effortless Conversion Rates As High As 72% With Keywords As Cheap As 5 Cents A Click And No Rules Or Red Tape To Slow You Down!

You don’t need:
• Landing pages
Direct Link To Any Page You Want (And If You Want To Use A Landing Page, Feel Free To Break All The Rules That Would Get You Slapped Silly By Google)…
• High “Quality Score”
Want To Run Traffic To Squeeze Pages… Sales Letters… Direct To Affiliate Links? No Problem!
• Big Budget
Prepare To Find Bargain Basement 5-10 Cent Clicks In Nearly Every Campaign!

There’s No Such Thing As “Free” Traffic!

Pay Per Click Is Still The Easiest, Cheapest, Most Profitable Traffic Around… (IF You Know Where To Buy It!)

You Have To Do The Opposite Of What All The “Guru Followers” Are Doing — And Find Where the Real ‘Money Traffic’ Is Hiding

Visit Us:

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Affiliate Marketing is one of the most valuable skills an internet marketer can learn. Affiliate marketing is pretty simple; the basic idea is to drive web traffic to a product or service and when that person purchases the product you make a commission, usually 50% of the sales price.

Traditionally, affiliate marketing was done in 2 steps. Marketers would implement a traffic strategy and drive traffic directly to an affiliate offer or clickbank product. Well this is the old way of doing affiliate marketing. The proper way to do affiliate marketing is to send traffic to a squeeze or capture page to first get your prospects to opt in into your email campaign. The advantage of doing this allows you to build a subscriber list of individuals that are interested in the niche that you are promoting. Once you have the person on your list, you want to build a relationship with them by giving away valuable information, then soft selling or recommending an affiliate product.

In order to get someone to optin into your capture page you will have to give something away of value. Most marketers will use a free report or video showing or teaching their prospects something of value. Be sure that the information that you give away for free is truly valuable. A good way to determine that is if you honestly feel the information is valuable then, others will to.

So when it comes to affiliate marketing, anyone can start doing this and generating a nice monthly income. Here are the steps again:

1. Drive traffic to a squeeze
2. Offer a free report or video, enticing prospects to optin
3. Building a relationship with your prospects by giving away more valuable content
4. Recommend products or services that will be of benefits to your list that you have just built

To receive good content to give away, you can purchase cheap reports and articles at or These are both great websites in which you can rebrand content and use to build a list and make affiliate commissions. The most popular products to sale on the backend of your sales funnel would be products from

For newbies just getting started with affiliate marketing, I would suggest using This is an affiliate marketing program that does the entire marketing platform for you. I hope you enjoyed this video and I wish you success with affiliate marketing. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment on my channel.



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This is the new economy. GDI has changed my life and I continue to help others change their lives. This isn’t some guru BS. This is just proof that GDI works, and that if you join with me, you’ll have all the training you need to duplicate my success.
I look forward to working with you.

to make money with fletching ) how to make money with fletching ( how to make money with foreclosures ) how to make money with foreclosures ( how to make money with flash games ) how to make money with flash games ( how to make money with gdi ) how to make money with gdi ( how to make money with google adsense ) how to make money with google adense ( how to make money with google adwords ) how to make money with google adwords ( how to make money with horses ) how to make money with horses ( how to make money with land ) how to make money with land ( how to make money with little money ) how to make money with little money ( how to make money with myspace ) how to make money with myspace ( how to make money with paypal ) how to make money with paypal ( how to make money with quixtar ) how to make money with quixtar ( how to make money with real estate ) how to make money with real estate ( how to make money with rental property ) how to make money with rental property ( how to make money with stocks ) how to make money with stocks ) how to make money with stocks ( how to make money with surveys ) how to make money with surveys ( how to make money with adsense

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Google rankings or FREE server blowing traffic…? Your CHOICE!
“Google’s Whistle Blower Reveals
FREE Cash Loopholes After Making Himself $2,614.29 A Day!”

The FREE Click Formula 3.0 Reveals ‘SECRETS’ Used To Generate A FLOOD Of FREE Cash Paying Visitors From Every ‘Single’ Corner Of The Web … All Without Spending A Single Penny On Advertising!

Most importantly … it has got NOTHING to do with Adwords, domain names, eBay, Adsense, MLM, SEO, Gambling, Articles, Direct Mail or even List Building!

What it exposes is the NEVER-TALKED ‘extended’ Free Click Formula hidden deeply inside Google’s vault AND now also the encrypted vaults of every HUGE website that brings in a storm of FREE traffic. Techniques NOBODY wants to reveal, even your so-called guru friends…

… and for being a constant ‘guru’ shopper you are being misled to FAIL on purpose. I know … as the day I STOPPED listening to THEM was the day I started cashing in ridiculous amounts of money from products, services AND affiliate products.

So no matter what the gurus want you to believe … believe this … I CAN’T personally tell you anything about paid traffic because that’s NOT my expertize. But what I can tell you is … every precise step to ‘FREE’ traffic explosion to the absolute detail that is generating me $2,614.29 a DAY!

Are you still in more debt using Google Adwords? Have you started paying a lot more money lately? I know it isn’t easy, but what if I told you … you can get the SAME amount of traffic as Google, instead they’re FREE AND takes less than a minute to get started??

Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Web 2.0? Is there really a buzz or are we just helping the gurus with their BUZZ, eh gurus? Which then gives them the opportunity to sell you products for over $1,000 simply because they make it a complete ‘you gotta BUY this to know’ mystery.

Now why is everyone SHOUTING ‘videos are taking over, check out YouTube!’ … so why is it that Google has STILL NOT made any ‘profit’ from their $1.65 BILLION investment??

Does all this make sense so far?

Now the question you need to ask yourself is what, where, who and how can YOU bring in the real ‘FREE’ traffic like I’m doing using nothing but The Free Click Formula 3.0?
Google Snach 2 –

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Speaker: StankDawg

The AdWords program is an advertising system used by Google. It is a pay-per-click system like may others but Google doesn’t give it the attention to design that it deserves. Not only does Google take some liberties with the Terms of Service and what they allow and don’t allow in the program, but also have several flaws in the logical design of the system. There are several loopholes in this system and they will be explained and demonstrated with proof of concepts for every example.

For more information visit:
To download the video visit:

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