In this video I will show you how to use the google cash detective to find your top competitors and then go wide in expanding your google adwords campaign in the network marketing industry.

If you are currently using pay per click to generate leads in your business, make sure to pick up a copy of google cash detecitve at

The return on investment of this tool is over the top.

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the GOOGLE CASH DETECTIVE 2 is now live.

Re-Launch Date Mar. 11 12pm EST
Limited Memberships but you get the backdoor sign up access for Limited Time

the GOOGLE CASH DETECTIVE 2 is now live.

For those that don’t know what GCD is…

By creator Chris Carpenter it is complete all in one search engine, aimed toward Google Adwords, to help you make profitable campaigns on Google to 100% of the time.

The Detective has been crawling 2.5 million keywords twice a day since October 2008.

This is a 30 Day money back product so you have nothing to lose


• Google Cash 4 Video Home Study Course
($197 value)

• Google Cash Revolution
($197 value)

• Landing Page Templates
($497 value)

• Lifetime Subscription to Google Cash Automator
($6,189 value)

• GC Detective Live Q & A Webinar w/ Chris
($97 value)

• 30 Day Money Back GUARANTEE

• Unlimited Keywords

• Instant Data – No Waiting

• 2.5 Keywords Crawled Twice Daily

BEST VALUE YOU GET EVERYTHING – 1 year $1997 after that $97 per month
(4 Part Payment Plan Available)

Memberships are limited, and the last time GCD opened back in 2007 it sold out in just a couple of hours.

And please understand that this isn’t some fake marketing ploy. (A few people who thought we were kidding last time, found that out the hard way).

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GoogleCash gives you all the tools you need to turn the Search Engine into an Autopilot Cash Generating Machine!

What’s Included With Google Cash?…

* 24 new online videos showing the Google Cash system in step-by-step detail
* Free tools and ebooks to help you make money FAST
* Miss any of these 5 critical start-up steps and you CANNOT succeed
* How to be a super affiliate
* Collect commissions from dozens of web sites
* If you’re not using this “secret weapon” you are losing money every day
* The top 2 affiliate providers and how they help you make money
* The clever and easy way to promote products and services
* How to choose moneymaking keywords
* One click here allows you to limit your spending each day
* How to create profitable Adwords Ads
* a simple way to priority ad space on Google
* Click Thru Rate and what it means to your success
* Why you don’t need a web site
* Start earning money within 15 minutes!
* Get paid up to $40 just for getting someone to sign up or register for information
* Use my simple formula to write moneymaking ads
* 10 minutes work…$280 profit
* Set up 10 campaigns each of which generates $350/month in profits

And Much More!..

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