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Take A Grim Look Into The Future of Google Adwords (PPC) And Witness…The Most Controversial Google Report Ever Written On Adwords by Simon Leung
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-What the REAL motivation is behind some of the major decisions Google makes as a company (it’s not what they claim it to be)

-How a system (Adwords) that was once the answer to every business owner’s prayers can suddenly turn against the very hands that feed them (could they have sold out to a being of higher power?)

-And dozens of even deadlier revelations await you inside this grim report…

Many “Gurus” Tried To Explain It, Even More Tried To Teach it.
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Google Adwords is dead for affiliate marketing! The only people making money are the “gurus” telling you how to use it! But unlike Google, Yahoo Search Marketing is VERY friendly to affiliates. Promote Clickbank products and others easily.

Of course, Yahoo has a smaller reach than Google, but with the right strategy, you can make even more money promoting affiliate products on yahoo–without having to put up with Google’s ridiculous rules and limitations for Adwords.

There is no “Yahoo slap,” only Google Adwords engages in such hostile practices toward honest affilate marketers. Check out Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots at the link above to learn the “right” way to build your affiliate business (hint: it’s NOT with Adwords ;-)

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Why I believe Islam and Islamic belief are false.

1 What is Islam.
2 Who is Allah.
3 Demon possession.
4 Demon possession of Muhammad.
5 Muhammad the divine.
6 Muhammad the guru.
7 Deception is the signature of Satan.
8 The deception of Islam.
9 A tree is judged by it’s fruit.
10 The 5 pillars of demonic Islam.
11 The base allure of Islam.
12 The Qur’an is not perfect.
13 The Qur’an is demon inspired.
14 Only the pretender needs to prove himself.
15 The good news of Grace.
16 Resource material.


The word islam means submission.
Islam is a system of beliefs originated by Muhammad who lived in Arabia from 570 to 633 AD.
Central to this belief system is the claim by Muhammad that he believed the angel Gabriel appeared to him in a cave at Hira situated a few miles from Mecca in the month of Ramadan in 610 AD when he was 40 years of age.

The material from this claim and subsequent numerous repeated appearances of Gabriel to Muhammad revealing the words of Allah was recorded in a 114 chapter document named the Qur’an.

Further material was recorded in the Hadith which is a compilation of witnessed accounts of what Muhammad said during his life after 610 AD. The most authoritative and complete version of the Hadith was compiled by Sahih Bukhari (also known as Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ismail bin Ibrahim al-Mughira al-Jafai) who lived some 200 years after the death of Muhammad.

Muhammad’s first vision involved the presence of what Muhammad thought was the angel Gabriel pressing him three times and on each release, commanding him to read. After which the angel said,
“Read in the name of your Lord. Who creates.
He created man from a clot.
Read, by your most generous Lord.
Who taught by the pen.
He taught man what he did not know.”
(Sura 96, verses 1-5 of Al-Qur’an)

Subsequently, Muhammad reported another vision. He saw what he thought was the same angel who appeared to him in the cave at Hira, sitting on a chair between the earth and the sky. He was terrified and returned home and told Khadija, his first wife, “Wrap me” After which, he claimed that Allah revealed to him the following verses of the Qur’an:
“O Enrobed one.
Arise and warn.
Glorify your Lord.
And purify your garments.
And abandon abomination.”
(Sura 74, verses 1-5 of Al-Qur’an)

I believe Muhammad sincerely believed that he actually saw the angel Gabriel. However, I believe that the angel was not Gabriel. I believe the angel was a demon, probably Satan himself.

I believe Muhammad was deceived by a demon who subsequently possessed his mind, changed him and made use of him to deceive mankind into worshipping a pagan idol named Allah in place of the one true God of Abraham called El ( El-Elyon, Elohim).


Some 3000 years BC, in the Tigris and Euphrates river basin, there was an ancient civilization called Sumer, with its people called Sumerians.

From archaeological findings of cuneiform engravings, there was a pagan idol named Lil. The name was subsequently modified to Enlil as well as Ramman-ilani.

This Ramman idol was transported via trade routes to India to become the Brahman of Vedic literature, subsequently forming the Hindu religion.

The pagan idol remaining in the land of origin became known as Baal of Babylon. By trade route spread, this pagan idol became arabicised into the name Al-ilah. Al-ilah also had a consort pagan idol named Al-ilat.

With time, Al-ilah became shortened to Al-lah and then Allah.

The name Allah became known as the generic name for god.

The consort Al-ilat became known as Al-lat. Al-lat is one of the pagan idols found in the Ka’bah shrine in Mecca referred to in the Satanic verses of Sura 53 of the Qur’an.

Hence the name Allah is not the same name used by Abraham for God which should be El. Even the name of Abraham’s son from Hagar is named after El as Ishma-

Dear Friend,
If that’d be satan instead of angel,how could these be possible:
1.Quran prohibits burying girls when they were alive.
2.Quran orders to give charity to poor.
3.Quran orders to respect parents.
4.Quran orders cleaning.
5.Quran prohibits lies.
6.Quran prohibits murdering.
7.Quran prohibits raping.
8…..and many others.
Could a demon make this instruction?Do you believe this is logical?

Yes, many apples, especially many Indian apples had fallen down before Newton had discovered Laws of Gravitation. Ancient Indian Astronomical texts are replete with Gravitational laws
Let us get into the facts….
1)“madhye samantandasya bhugolo vyomni tisthati
bibhranah paramam saktim brahmano dharanatmikam”
(Surya Sidhantha 12th chapter 32 sloka)
This means:
(first line)”In the midst of universe (Brahmanda), the spherical earth stands firm in the space.”
(second line)”because of the dharanatmika sakti, Earth is standing firm in the space without falling away.”

2)“akrsta saktisca mahi taya yat svastham guru svabhimukham svasaktya
akrsyate tatpatativa bhati same samantat kva patatviyam khe”
(Sidhanta Shiromani, Bhuvanakosa, 6th sloka)
In above Bhaskaracharya (11th Century AD) reveals that:
“Earth naturally attracts every object in the space towards itself .because of this attracting force, all objects fall on the earth .When there is balance in attraction among planets where would they fall?”
3)“cakranasah parinaham prithivya”
(Rig Veda 1.33.8)
It says:
“People who reside on the surface of the Earth’s circumference.”
4)“trinabhicakramajaranarvam yenema visva bhuvanani tasthuh”
(Rig Veda 1.164.1)
It says:
“All the celestial bodies (planets) are moving in elliptical orbits”
5)“sapta tva haritho rathe vahanti deva surya sociksesam vicaksana”
(Rig Veda 1.50.9)
“ava divastarayanti sapta suryasya rasmyah ”
(Atharva Veda
It says:
“Sun’s seven colored rays are making a day”
Does that mean sun has only seven rays? No, sun emits millions of rays. But each ray of light has seven colors embedded in it. The Vedic terminology often refers to word “saptha asva ruda”.It actually means seven colored white sunrays .The Vedic meaning of word “asva” also means “light rays”.
(Source:”Eternally Talented India 108 Facts”)
These are very few facts from the ocean of the Knowledge i.e. “Indian Ancient Texts”. Please go to our coulter and follow it because our ancestors followed it and they became immortal. Please understand the Vedic thoughts and let us practice it. For many more facts and information read the book “Eternally Talented India 108 Facts” by Vivekananda Life Skills Academy, Hyderabad, (,, non-profit enterprise). So be proud of our ancestors and let us make India (Now) Glorious again.
If you are true “Indian” please forward this information to many peoples as much as possible.
Thank You!

not only is that not a question, that doesn’t say anything besides discuss the visual and easily observable phenomena that occur in the world.

No where is there any type of mathematical modeling or computational justification of these visualizations and as such don’t really deserve merit as anything beyond mere observations.

Technically, your paragraph doesn’t even have a point. It’s just paragraphs of snippets of religious texts. It doesn’t make a claim or have a thesis. You just threw something together with the consistency of a squirrel’s nest.

I am wondering if someone can explain how to understand what an employer really wants when they run an ad that details computer skills.

For example, I see ads that state you must be proficient in Microsoft Office. I assume that means you must know Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point inside and out-know all of the components of each application.

Then I see ads that ask for "strong working knowledge" or "solid work experience" with Microsoft Office (or applications). Can someone interpret this for me, please? My friends and I somewhat disagree.

It seems to me that with many ads, you cannot know until you get to the interview. I wish they would be specific-I have seen ads that state in detail what they want.

I am not a guru, but I am very experienced with Word and I am comfortable with the basics and possibly more with Access,PP, and Excel. I know people who say they can do it all, but if you ask them about certain parts, they have no idea.

Any help would be great!

Ah yes, English can be such a complicated language sometimes. To me, a strong working knowledge of M$ Office means you should know a lot about the applications. There’s no way you can ever know everything about these programs though. As an aside, the guy teaching a computer course I once went on said that there isn’t anyone who can use every single function in Excel.

It all depends on what sort of job you’re looking for though. If you’re doing secretarial type work, your existing knowledge of the suites should be more than enough. On the other hand, if you were going for a test job that involves writing macros and things, that would be a different matter.