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Song-Dekhi Zamane Ki Yaari ‘????? ??? ???? ????’ ,
Singer – Mohammad Rafi
Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi ,Music- S.D. Burman
Movie-Kaagaz Ke Phool,
(Hindi: ????? ?? ???; English: Paper Flowers), is a 1959 classic Hindi film produced and directed by Guru Dutt, who also played the lead role in the film.

The film was a box office disaster of its time but was later resurrected as a world cinema cult classic in the 1980s. The film’s music was composed by S. D. Burman and the notable lyrics were written by Kaifi Azmi, giving hits like Waqt ne Kiya Kya Haseen Situm, sung by Geeta Dutt.

In the 2002 Sight & Sound critics’ and directors’ poll, Kaagaz Ke Phool was ranked at #160 among the greatest films of all time.[1]

Motivated by the success of Pyaasa, Guru Dutt embarked on the creation of yet another of his socially challenging movie, Kaagaz Ke Phool. The theme and tone on this movie were ages ahead of the Indian audience of the 50s who were used to simpler plots and storylines. The underlying tones of the film were complex and story was controversial for the time.

Considered one of Guru Dutt’s finest film by many, Kaagaz Ke Phool was a commercial disaster when it was first released. At the film’s premiere, Dr Rajendra Prasad, then President of India and invited chief guest, walked out of the cinema hall deeply offended[citation needed].
Audiences in Delhi’s Regal cinema threw stones at the screen during the screening. Reactions like these deeply affected the sensitive and introverted Dutt[2] Guru Dutt himself admitted in an interview to Filmfare in 1963,

” It was good in patches. It was too slow and it went over the head of audiences.”

Many claim that the film is semi-autobiographical of Guru Dutt and that he portrayed his angst in the movie. At the time of production of the film, Guru Dutt’s marriage to Geeta Dutt was under strain due to his liking for Waheeda Rehman. This was openly known causing Guru Dutt’s personal life to resemble that of the protagonist in the movie. However, the forecast of his own (Guru Dutt’s) death, to parallel the sad and imminent death of the protagonist in the film, is debatable.

Another explanation for the inspiration is Guru Dutt’s association with Gyan Mukherjee, the famous 1940s director whose Qismet (1941) had made him into a household name. The life and subsequent failures of Mukherjee, whom Guru Dutt had joined in 1950, influenced him deeply. Many think that Kaghaz ke Phool was based on Gyan Mukherjee’s life and failures,[5] as Guru Dutt’s previous film Pyaasa had been dedicated to him.
Filmfare Best Cinematographer Award – V.K. Murthy
Filmfare Best Art Direction Award – M.R. Acharekar[6] ….From Wikipedia

Hindi Lyrics:
are dekhi zamaane ki yaari
bichhade sabhee, bichhade sabhi baari baari
kya le ke milen ab duniya se, aansu ke siva kuch paas nahi
ya phul hi phul the daaman men, ya kaanton ki bhi aas nahi
matalab ki duniya hai saari
bichhade sabhee, bichhade sabhi baari baari

vaqt hai maharabaan, aarazu hai javaan
fikr kal ki karen, itani fursat kahaan

daur ye chalata rahe rang uchhalata rahe
roop machalata rahe, jaam badalata rahe

raat bhar mahamaan hain bahaaren yahaan
raat gar dhal gayi phir ye khushiyaan kahaan
pal bhar ki khushiyaan hain saari
badhane lagi beqaraari badhane lagi beqaraari
are dekhi zamaane ki yaari
bichhade sabhee, bichhade sabhi baari baari,..

ud ja ud ja pyaase bhanvare, ras na milega kaaron mein
kaagaz ke phul jahaan khilate hain, baith na un gulazaaro mein
naadan tamanna reti men, ummid ki kashti kheti hai
ik haath se deti hai duniyaa, sau haathon se leti hai
ye khel hai kab se jaari
bichhade sabhee, bichhade sabhi baari baari..

Duration : 0:9:58

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Before starting this meditation please cover your head, this will give you focus while meditating and is a necessity.

The words of this meditation are:
Pawan, Pawan, Pawan, Pawan, Par Paraa, Pawan Guru, Pawan Guroo, Wha-hay Guroo, Wha-hay Guroo, Pawan Guru

(Pronounced Pavan)

“The breath is the vehicle (pawan) of the Praana. To give reverence to the breathing, Guru said, ‘Pawan Guru.’ The guide, the teacher who has the right to give you all that you need on this planet, is the breath”

“Breath is your guide, your sage, your knowledge. Breath comes from the Par Paraa (beyond the beyond). Your life and its existence are based on breath of life. Create a friendship with it and breathe consciously, mechanically”

“Pawan means carrier of the praana. It is what re-vibrates and reconstructs your cells…Our life is based on the pawan, the carrier of the praana, the praan shakti (power of life). We call it para shakti (power beyond power). This is Pawan Guru.

“Speak it from the navel point, you will have ecstasy. The kriya will be complete if the lips and navel point are pulled at the same time.”
“When this mantra becomes perfected, there is no knowledge in the Universe, which shall not dawn on you. You can be a philosopher, you can be a poet, you can be a scientist, you can tap into the Infinite Library. This is the gift of the sound current. This is the gift. The sound current is a permutation and combination of sound, which creates waves to reach Infinity. And Infinity brings the infinite knowledge” – Yogi Bhajan
The hand movement are as though you are fanning yourself. Then hit your hands lightly on to your knees, clap, click your fingers and then clap once more.

Please close your eyes and focus on the third eye point. This meditation should be done for 11minutes a day for 40 days.

As the video is only 8minutes long please replay the video and a beep will be heard in the 3rd minute and 13th second. This is to make you aware that 11 minutes is over and you can relax.

This video was filmed at the Peace Prayer day in France, at the 2008 Yoga Festival.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask and feel free to leave comments

Khalsa Soulja

Duration : 0:8:29

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