Google revolutionized the way people drive traffic to their websites with Adwords,
which has become a must-use marketing tactic for every Internet entrepreneur.  At
first glance using the program sounds like the simplest thing to do.  Just shell out
a few bucks for the most pertinent words you can think of, then watch people flock to
your site.

That may have even been the case when Adwords first launched.  Unfortunately, with
popularity came cutthroat competition and, now, unless you are really in the know, the
process is neither that simple nor that inexpensive.  High volume bidding and buying
keeps driving up the price of popular words, your bids start to get cancelled, ads are
disapproved or disabled and you find yourself paying too much for clicks.

Luckily, the world’s most knowledgeable Adwords expert, Perry Marshall, has made it
his life’s mission to help de-mystify the process.  Also a specialist in opt-in list
building, he is the author of eBooks, articles and editorials about Google Adwords, as
well as the creator of several extremely successful websites.

His most recent information-packed toolkit, “The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords”
gives step-by-step directions for cost-effectively utilizing the program to build your
business exponentially.  Like Marshall’s prior programs and books, “The Definitive
Guide…” covers all the bases.  It includes screen shots of actual Google campaigns,
shows you how to consistently buy clicks for mere pennies, shares tweaks that can
increase your click through rates by as much as 300% and illustrates how to generate
ten times the traffic for less money.

Marshall clearly demonstrates how on top of the process he is by explaining the very
latest AdWords developments such as the “Google Slap”, Dynamic keyword insertion and
the new rules that affect affiliate marketers.  He also writes about better landing
pages, sales conversion tracking and Expanded Phrase Matching.  Additionally, there
is an entirely new Frequently Asked Questions section covering nearly every aspect of
pay-per-click advertising.

The “Definitive Guide to Google Adwords” is clearly written, exceptionally interesting
to read and easy to follow, in part because of the 40 specific examples and numerous
case studies that Marshall uses to illustrate his strategies and tactics.  By showing
what worked (as well as what didn’t) and why the author makes it a snap for Internet
marketers to revise their Adwords efforts so that they can see results quickly turn

This guide is available in three versions: Digital Basic, which comes in PDF format;
Enhanced, which includes downloadable audio recordings by other Internet marketing
gurus and Deluxe, shipped to your house with audio CDs.  As with his other products,
Marshall offers an incredible, performance-based money-back guarantee.

John Cale

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