People come online everyday, in search of ways to make money working from home. But than, they read all the hype and believe that they must have an affiliate website or a large list of subscribers to profit from affiliate programs and products.

These poor misguided people are being overwhelmed with “guru information overload”. These gurus are always promising riches, but always want you to buy one more of there products before you`ll see any of it.

Please don`t feel bad. Most affiliate marketers have all been duped here or there by the same information overload that the guru`s spout. And yes, we have all invested money just to get an affiliate website set up for us.

As a matter of fact most online marketers invest $1000`s every year into their business, seeking marketing tool`s and income opportunities to help them gain the edge over their competition. I have fallen victim to this a few times myself over the past several years of marketing online.

How could you know that you can make a fortune online without a large list or affiliate website of your own. A the guru`s tell you that it`s impossible without these “2 key components”. Let me fill you in on a completely free way for you to get over 10,000 free affiliate sites. In fact you will be able to market many different niches without paying a dime. All you have to do is drive traffic to these affiliate sales pages to start earning money from home.

Now mind you that most of these sites will pay you a one time commission for each sale you make, unlike residual income programs, that pay you monthly. Although you will find some that offer you residual income as well. Most of these free one time sale sites can be just as profitable for you, with many affiliates earning in excess of $10,000 per month.

Can I guarantee how much you will make with these sites? No, that depends on you! I can`t drive traffic to these sites for you and I surely can`t put in the effort for you. But I can guarantee that if you apply effort with testing, that you will make money.

Alright, I`ll tell you all you need to know to access over 10,000 free affiliate sales pages to make money with. It`s called Click Bank! Big surprise heh? Well, you would be amazed at just how many marketers, look right past this incredible free affiliate program.

Click Bank works great with traffic. This opportunity can make you retire early, if you learn to master it. I will not bore you with details, but Click Bank works very well with google adwords. Adwords is a whole different beast and I could actually write a book on what you need to know, to not lose your shirt using it.

So, I will stick with the main point here. No website, no list, no problem. You simply log in and search for the products or programs that you wish to market from over a selection 10,000.

It get`s even better. You simply use your Click Bank username to instantly generate a your affiliate website / sales page and your off promoting. No hassles whatsoever and clickbank uses your i.d. to track sales made from each site.

If you are serious about earning a large income online, but really can`t afford to pay a monthly fee to join an affiliate program for the upgraded website and commission`s, I would highly recommend joining Click Bank for free and marketing their products, services and programs.

Chris Peterson

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