This video is not used for any commercial purposes but just for online promo and entertainment use only.

This is an official music video of Badmash “Hindi Rap Guru” (A Hindi/English Rapper) from India/Canada, for the song “Apni Pehchaan” Remix version featuring Rakeem (A German/English Rapper) from Pakistan/Germany and Dnaar (A Punjabi Rapper) from Pakistan/Saudi Arabia.

This song is from Badmash Mixtape Album Vol.3 2012, soon to be released.

The original track is from “The Format” performed by AZ, produced by DJ Premier.

This music video is produced by Badmash Factory Productions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It holds the copyright of the visuals, lyrics and the artist’s performance, both visually, audio and overall mixed song. It doesn’t hold the rights for the original instrumental. Credits has been given where it deserves.

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Contact: info@badmashfactory.com

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Duration : 0:6:42

[youtube UsxWZkfcbq8]

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