Anyone marketing online knows about Google Adwords, it is Google’s Pay-Per-Click advertising system that allows you to get your website listed at the top and side of search engines and on Google’s entire network of websites. You set a daily budget and the most you want to pay per click. After setting up your Adwords account your ads will appear within 30 minutes. This method is an instant way to get tons of target traffic. This sounds great, but what is the downside? Well, it costs money. You can bid as low as 10 cents for a click, but in many competitive markets you must bid 1-2 dollars to get enough traffic to matter. Imagine getting 100 hundred clicks, there goes a few hundred dollars. If you set up your account wrong you can waste hundreds of dollars within a few hours. However, if you know the secrets of Adwords marketing, you can capitalize, eliminate your competition and make a great return on investment. Some companies/marketers spend thousands of dollars a day on Adwords advertising! How can they afford this? Easy, they make more!

That is the most important thing for all people using pay-per-click advertising, you must make more money than you spend. This is also a golden business rule. After spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on Google Adwords advertising I knew there was a better, more efficient way to set up my account and make money online. I started looking for all the information I could find on the web and bought about 30 ebooks on the topic of Adwords. I read all the Guru’s books and know what works and what doesn’t. I put all of their techniques and philosophies to test and found 1 source that really did teach me how to make money online and taught me how to beat Adwords. I didn’t tell anyone about this until now because I didn’t want competition knowing my secrets, but really, it is a simple ebook. The information is Beating Adwords.

Beating Adwords explained to me everything about affiliate marketing and how to use this Adwords guide to start making serious cash online, working day and night, making me money all the time. I make money while I sleep, eat, run, workout, watch a movie, ride my bike, anything I choose to do, I am still making money. I never thought this day would come, but it has! The problem with most of the other Adwords information out there, is it is not written by people who have been successful with it, just people who know how to use it and maybe gathered a few tips here and there. Beating Adwords is the authorative guide to Adwords, nothing compares to this information. Why? Because it was written by 2 successful affiliate marketers, who know what they are doing, what works for them and makes them money. Do what they do and you will make what they make.

The techniques outlined in this ebook are focused on making every Adwords campaign a successful one. High click through rates, high conversion, how to write ad copy, choose profitable keywords and keyphrases, and most of all optimize your ads, which are tiny cash powerhouses when set up correctly. I wasted so much money over the years on Adwords. You may be like how I once was, or maybe you just started and don’t want to throw away your money. Whatever situation you are in, do not spend another dime on Adwords until you read this information.

It is great for newbies or advanced marketers, there is information in Beating Adwords for everyone. Anyone can start making money fast after they read this and implementing the ideas inside.

Learn from the Adwords Experts and increase your sales 1000%! Visit this site to learn more about Beating Adwords:

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Eric Stein

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