Part 2 : Google Adwords Marketing

This is my second article series of Internet Marketing Miracles. Today, we will discuss about Google Adwords Marketing and how it is affecting the whole marketing industry, in general, and the product owners and marketers, in particular.

Advertising in Google Adwords has been the most lucrative form of online advertising never seen since the birth of the Internet. It is instantaneous and you could receive sales minutes after you finalized your campaign. Adwords guru, Perry Marshall, calls it as “the fastest crash course on true, real-life, street-level direct marketing”.

It is the only online advertising mode where you can generate traffic to your website within 10 minutes of campaign, to millions of targeted traffic from a minimum advertising budget of just $5.

Pioneered by Overture (formerly, now known as Yahoo! Search Marketing), it was not known to many until Google use this campaign as an advertising medium. Creating campaign is a process and is not for everyone. You need to use some keyword search tool and campaign analysis and techniques in your campaign before you can be successful in this venture.

Google Adwords Defined:

Adwords advertising is a text link ads you can see as “sponsored ads” located at the top or just a text block at the right – of your Google search results whenever you search for some products or services. Also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, bidders can then bid on a cost per million (CPM) basis for block advertisements. Your advertisement will then be shown to the content network site know as Adsense, the other side of Google advertising model.

When you create a campaign (text ads), you will bid for a series of words or phrases (called as keywords) as your anchor text that will link to your website domain or to your affiliate domain page. Done correctly, you could have a very profitable return of investment (ROI) and when done wrongly, could be very disastrous to your advertising budget. Due to the complexity of this system, most companies are hiring Consultants to do the campaigns for them.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a form of advertising medium used by Webmasters to monetize on the contents of their webpages. Blocks displayed could be text, images and recently video advertisements. Adsense are displayed via javascript generated iframes and the text displayed are always relevant to the contents of your webpages. The monetization of your page depends on how well you place the location of your adsense blocks. Although placement plays a vital role in your click-through, color and text font place an important aspect in your campaign. Try to experiment with the background color, font and text colors to achieve the desired click-through campaign and, hence, maximizing your adsense income.

If your niche site is , Adsense will display an ads relating to your contents, like “dog foods”, “dog grooming ebooks” and, if you specify a targeted country, could even show a “veterinary clinic” near your area. Contextual ads change whenever the content of the page change as well. What makes this advertising relevant is majority of your customers are targeted, that is, looking for real information as per their keywords search.

Using Adwords and Adsense in your internet marketing campaign, when done right, could be very profitable. In my more than a year in online marketing, i have witnessed dozens of ordinary people making a “modest $200 to $60,000″ per month income from digital ebook sales – using Adwords campaign. Selling digital information is very effective using Google Adwords campaign. Why selling digital products are the best home business today? For simple reason, it doesn’t require you to store and send the package. No inventory and no packaging as there are no physical products to attend to. Everything is done in automation. If you’re an Internet Marketer, you maybe aware of this selling strategy.

Adwords campaign is defined by different sets of permutations as follows:

1) Broad Match : Google’s default option. When someone search for online dating, your keyword will appear when someone search “online” or “dating”. It is less targeted than the exact and phrase match. With this type of campaign, you may receive very less click-through and it could drain you advertising budget if you don’t do proper keyword search.

2) Phrase Match : Quotation marks are integrated to emphasize a phrase. When you campaign for “online dating”, your ads will be seen be someone search “online dating” like “adult online dating” but not for “date online” search. It is more targeted than broad match but less effective than exact match.

3) Exact Match : Brackets are used to emphasize the search. When you campaign for [online dating], it will show up on the search without any other terms in the query. It will not show up when someone search for “online dating resources” or “online dating guides”. You will receive the most clicks even though you will receive fewer impressions for this search.

4) Negative Keywords : When your keyword is “online dating” and you add negative keyword -guide, your ad will not appear when someone search for “online dating guide”. You can apply this option at both Ad Group and campaign level.

The concept of Adwords is very simple, yet, very complex and tricky. What you believe is your best campaign could be your worst keyword campaign. So, take time to muster the art of proper keyword marketing, do proper research, take advise, read reports, buy ebooks about Adword guides, implement it, learn from your mistakes and you will see success in the long run.

Jerry Navarro

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