Dear Internet Marketers… enjoy this brilliant year in review as Ross Goldberg (The Immortal Marketer), #1 Best Selling eBook Author of Traffic Manifesto, Traffic Manifesto 2.0, Three Sides of Traffic and too many other ebooks to list, the “Guru” to the “Gurus”, dances, points, is shirtless, superman impressions, Abe the Ape… all classic Ross Goldberg moments you are sure to love. Enjoy this instant classic for free, and if you like it, simply do nothing, and you will continue to receive classic ROGO moments, forever. In 2009, you are sure to experience more ROGO moments, and hopefully we will also see more of Simon Leung, founder, developer, creator, user of Google Adwords (as well as 1/3rd of the 3 sides of traffic). Certainly a man who will never be Google Slapped. Please enjoy, and tell your friends about this video.

Duration : 0:8:13

[youtube Dc9pGo0FxOw]

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