Denver, CO – Guru Cruise launched recently as a new high ticket home based business opportunity. Affiliates involved in this opportunity sell tickets to this “Guru Cruise” for $3500 a piece and earn $1000 commissions from every one of those sales. The commissions are designed around a perpetual leverage payplan and has attracted top internet marketers such as Chris Campbell.

Mike Potillo, President and CEO of Guru Cruise LLC created the company in July of 2008 to be a competitor of other high ticket direct sales companies such as Global Resorts Network. Potillo’s goal was to organize a marketing conference on board a cruise ship and have some top internet marketers teach the attendees their marketing strategies and secrets. These marketers will share strategies for driving traffic through free mediums such as web 2.0 and articles, as well as paid methods such as google adwords.

Potillo managed to line up some great speakers for Guru Cruise like Michael Cheney, Simon Leung, Mark Davis, and Paulie Sabol. In October of 2009, these marketers will share their knowledge with their fellow internet marketers, network marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone else doing business on the internet.

The main issue with the cruise is that it has limited space, so the people getting involved in Guru Cruise will have a limited number of people to market to.

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