Since the birth of the Internet, millionaires have been created and working from home using your computer is gaining its popularity. The number of Internet surfers increases every year and you can gain a share of this giant pie.

Internet marketing is a low cost marketing strategy that you can use even if you have little budget. There are many companies who know employ successful Internet marketers as consultants to launch their corporate Internet marketing campaign.

Below are some of the basics that are used even today by successful Internet marketers in generating leads, tracking sales, doing market research and most importantly, increasing the company’s profits.

Search Engine Optimization

This is one the basics to propel large number of visitors to the website. Basically, search engine optimization is a study of tweaking the websites to be ranked higher for the chosen keywords. Depending on the area of niche the company is in, for more details visit to choosing certain keywords that have high search volume and at the same time low competition, the company can easily rank at top ten results of major search engines.

For example, there may be a lot more people searching for the word “boat”, but interested buyers or people will search for a more specific keyword like “used boats in Canada”. In this case, if you have a business that is selling second hand boats in Canada, you will of course aim to optimize for this set of keywords. Using tools from Google, for more details visit to you can easily know other nearer keywords that you can optimize, the trick is to aim for the first keyword, once the website is shown on page one of Google, proceed to optimize for other similar keywords, for example “used houseboats in Ontario Canada”.

They are already searching for what they are specifically looking for, if you can provide that, it’s targeted and interested prospects visiting your websites.

Building links is another trick in getting higher rankings in search engines, it works something like voting. Having many links pointing back to your website for a keyword say “cheap boats in Canada”, it means that your site is an authority for that particular niche.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

When searching around for information, did you notice the results that are in different color and appearing at the top or the side of the real results? There is also a wording that says “Sponsored Results” These is the companies or websites that pay Google by form of bidding to place their advertisement on the top of certain keywords search.

They are being charged by the number of clicks which means the number of visitors to their websites. In this case, they are buying targeted visitors to their websites. You can create an account easily with major search engines and start bidding on keywords to have your website listed.

The same principles apply; keywords that have higher competition will have a higher minimum bidding price. In order to be successful with Google Ad words, there are mini courses offered by Internet marketers like Perry Marshall who gives insights to the techniques of using Ad words effectively at lower cost.

Article Marketing

It is a form of advertising by providing free contents to the Internet community, with quality content that you’ve presented in the articles, you will gain popularity and authority in the long term.

These visitors can be highly targeted because they are reading your articles if they are interested in your content or information that you are writing. At the end of the article, there is a resource box where links will be pointing to your website which allows people to find out more information.

Some tips for article marketing is to capture readers’ attention first by offering quality information rather than promoting your business. Article marketing is a long term strategies for your websites because it will continue to bring in traffic as long as your articles are well written.



  1. Joe
    Posted December 12, 2009 at 12:34 am | Permalink

    I need some SEO tips… can anyone give me the basics?I just got into internet marketing and I heard the best way to get traffic was through SEO, but I’m totally clueless. Anyone have any suggestions of where to start?

  2. Anna Sui
    Posted December 12, 2009 at 12:36 am | Permalink

    If a potential customer searches for a product or service..will they find you?

    This is the most important question to ask yourself, if you own a business. So many owners say, "I have a great website". Yet I search for them and can’t find them anywhere. Hire a reputable marketing company to do quality SEO for your business if you want more clients/customers. Trying to DIY can result in even worse ratings. If cost is a concern, SEO can typically run only $100 per month. And with the current state of our economy, many marketing companies will work within your budget.

    You can also get listed on microsites, which you can post coupons, promotions, and more business information automatically. Bringing much more exposure to your business. Join business directory sites for as low as $50 a month for a lower budget start.

    There are many options to make your business a household name, just pick one and go for it!

    Have a great day!References :

  3. hypejack
    Posted December 12, 2009 at 12:38 am | Permalink

    Yes that is right, SEO strategy is a great way to make an effective internet marketing. Google and yahoo optimization are popular ways to make your site visible in the search engine.References :

  4. chris
    Posted December 12, 2009 at 12:40 am | Permalink

    A lot of small things make big results. Remember SEO is a long term strategy and don’t expect to shoot the top of page one in the first month. Here are things to consider when doing SEO yourself or paying someone to do this for you:

    Create a customer error 404 page
    Create a XML site map
    Create a Robots.TXT file
    Use key word rich alternate image tags
    Use key word rich title tags
    Use key word rich H1 header tags
    Make sure your site does not have a Malware penalty
    Make sure your site does not have code bloat
    Make sure you site does not have Canonicalizaiton issues
    Make sure all of your pages are indexed on Google
    Create quality links via Internet Press releases, blogs and article submissions
    User relevant meta keywords and descriptions for landing pages don’t just focus on the home page unless that has the clear call to action.

    If you would like some free consulting you can contact Chris at :

  5. govicseo
    Posted December 12, 2009 at 12:42 am | Permalink

    The most effective way to advertise on the Internet is
    to first set up a website and publish its domain name
    on major search directories such as, [at…… and since 85% of Internet shoppers rely on these
    search directories to provide them with goods and
    services. In a sense, these search directories are a
    very large Internet Yellow Pages.

    Nevertheless, should your website or opening webpage
    fail to contain "generic" keywords, then anyone using
    such "generic" queries will not be able to discover
    your website. Your domain name [URL] of your website,
    in a sense, will be invisible, undiscoverable.

    You may want to consider some simple algorithms which,
    when observed and committed in designing of a website
    with placement of various critical metatags that can
    surely achieve a high search engine presence and
    increase Internet traffic to your website. These
    metatag strategies work well with published webpages
    at Google and Yahoo.

    Design: Should you create an extensive Flash-based
    website, make sure to fill-in the property entries
    such as the Title, Description and Keywords. Failing
    to do so, leaves no hard HTML or ALT resource that can
    be readily indexed by search robots. Also consider the
    Internet audience and their incoming setup. For
    example, if they are on analog/dialup, Flash webpages
    take too long to load up and therefore analog users
    will likely lose interest and discontinue entering the
    Flash site. On the other hand, anyone on hi-speed DSL
    lines, will welcome Flash pages which load quickly. So
    before designing a pure Flash websitge, ask the simple
    question, "Who’s my end user – is he on dialup or
    DSL?" And if you had to choose between these two users
    for maximum marketability, then select analog users
    since 80% of most resident users are still analog
    Internet subscribers and pure HTML designed webpages
    is best for them.

    A non-Flash-based website which relies on hard text,
    is far easier to be indexed by search robots. Limit
    the use of stylized text saved as .gifs since as a
    graphic, they are not indexable by search robots.

    Avoid use of frames since any number of search robots
    are unable to properly classify textual material.

    Placement of Metatags:

    A ranking or search order does take place with Google
    and Yahoo and it begins with the "Title" metag which
    should consist of no more than 65 characters separated
    by commas. The "Title" should describe in generic
    terms, the goods and services, followed by a location
    from which the resource is located, i.e., city, state.
    The placement of a domain name which is not generic
    within the "Title" is not appropriate, unless your
    domain name is a major recognizable brand name.

    The second metatag is the "Description" which is
    usually 25-30 words to form a complete sentence which
    best describes one’s goods and services.

    And the very last category – "Keywords" are also
    somewhat limited to 15-16 words which can be plural
    and compound in nature. Again, avoid multiple entries
    which could be mistaken as "spamdexed entries" which
    is defined as the loading, and submission of
    repetitive words into a particular metatag category.
    "Spamdexing" when discovered on a webpage and reported
    to Google’s can result in the
    elimination of your website from their search

    Good luck!References : Webmaster article from

  6. Mayen
    Posted December 12, 2009 at 12:44 am | Permalink

    SEO is about website promotion, goal to be on top rank and get more traffic in a certain site. You can this through article publishing, website submission, forum postings, blog commenting, exchanging links and more that can help you increase traffic in your site.

    ask some SEO specialist for further information.


    neuracom.comReferences :

  7. eBays Best Deals
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    Web 2.0 properties are great for SEO. Use,, propeller etc.References :

  8. Sherawat
    Posted December 12, 2009 at 12:48 am | Permalink

    First you have to attract the reader or blogger by your title of your article itself.. The article title should be very unique. Try to use many keywords, and use bold words wherever need.. Try to give deep links that should reach your source. and try to give tags.. use the keyword orderly for example your website is for bank loans.Then if you used the word loan equity instead of equity loan then when it search in Google result is some what different.. Keep your websites from error results.. Specify some meta keyword in your document.. Try to use pictures and add some videos.. Those things will easily attract the reader..References :

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