Did you know over 7,000 people became millionaires last year on the internet and around 300,000 started to make a full time income just from affiliate marketing – according to Forester Research Group. So you know it’s possible …the question is not “is it possible” …the question is really “how is it possible?” I know time is valuable to you so I’ll keep this short.

I’m not going to tell you that I have found a ‘magic’ bullet that when used, starts to pour in cash from the Internet. That will be just an insult to your intelligence. However what I will reveal is the guts of a system I discovered not so long ago that has really changed my life for the better. I’ll let you make up your own mind as to whether this is something that you would like to capitalize on.

So here you have it…the ‘tear it to bits, page by

page’ review for Affiliate Secret Formula.

Affiliate Secret Formula is made up of 6 major parts. Before I go any further, I must warn you that this system is NOT a step-by-step guide on how to use Google AdWord, ClickBank and PayDotCom. You don’t need an ebook for that, as there is enough quality information within those sites to help you with that. Instead Affiliate Secret Formula divulges on the ACTUAL techniques of how to use Google AdWords to make consistent profits by promoting sites at ClickBank and PayDotCom.

Breakdown of Part 1:

Mohammed, the creator of Affiliate Secret Formula does not waste any time and plunges straight into the important basics of affiliate marketing. He briefly explains what affiliate marketing is and why out hundreds of affiliates programs out there, he prefers to sell products listed via ClickBank and PayDotCom. Next he compares ClickBank and PayDotCom and basics of Google AdWords. That’s it for this chapter. I’ve seen many other affiliate ebooks that spend 70% of their content on such basics when it is clearly not needed.

Breakdown of Part 2:

Yes, you guessed right! Part 2 goes straight into the MEAT of the ebook. Affiliate Secret Formula is a 3-step process designed to extract profits from affiliate sites.

STEP 1: Finding High Converting Sites

I guess we all have our own ways of judging a sites potential but Mohammed has got this ‘Art’ pinned down into a science! No kidding! He actually gives you 8 criteria to help judge any site for its profitability. The whole system runs on a point system so each criteria is allocated a certain number of points. Only sites that pass the minimum threshold are to be promoted. You’d be surprised how many affiliates are wasting time on low-converting sites. If only they knew! I’ve read books in the past that cover site selections but never has any one laid out the rules so precisely. I believe this information alone is priceless!

STEP 2: Finding Profitable Keywords

Again, a very specific formula is given to help you find cheap keywords. This step helps you think differently to other affiliates and quickly gather cheap keywords that most simply overlook. Sticking to the formula helps you make 100% profit all the time. If only I had this info when I started out!

STEP 3: Creating Ads that Sell

I almost stabbed myself after reading this step. All this time I had been making ads the complete wrong way. Mohammed reveals two exact styles to use and gives several examples for you to model. I guarantee that 97% of affiliates have the wrong idea about how to write AdWords that generate clicks and sell as writing successful AdWords ads is NOTHING like writing conventional ads. Yes, this was surprising to me too!

That’s it…this is the main core of the ebook. It contains No fillers or vague B.S. It simply goes right into the juicy bits and tells you exactly how to do it without any fluff. I love it!

Breakdown of Part 3:

Part 3 is more of a profit management tool that helps you put a new campaign everyday and shows you exactly how it all adds up into $1,470.00 in income every week, in just 7 days. And this is with a modest target of making $30 per day. If you double that daily target, you’ll also double your profits. He uses a grid to help you set your target and visualize your income level. This remarkable section just gets you so fired up…it is a massive motivating tool.

Breakdown of Part 4:

So you know exactly how to make massive amounts of money from affiliate marketing and you get the ball rolling. A few weeks go by and you’re pulling in the dough – now what? You can fine-tune your ads and site selection process even further. Mohammed provides you with two separate ebooks to help further your knowledge about effective advertising and the site selection process. These are definitely for advanced marketers who would like to squeeze every bit of profit from affiliate marketing.

Breakdown of Part 5:

In this section Mohammed actually creates a campaign for his own site that you could easily model for any site you wish to promote. This section is vital for those who like to learn by looking at examples as he creates a number of successful ads using the formula in Affiliate Secret Formula. You can see first hand the formula being applied – it’s a great resource!

Breakdown of Part 6:

If you called up any top affiliate guru and asked him/her to list their most profitable affiliate sites…guess what their answer would be? “What have you been smoking, man?” But daring Mohammed (Or should I call him crazy?) lays it all on the line. He gives you a list of the top most profitable and highest converting sites at ClickBank WITH conversion rates! This is a massive list with 57 hand picked sites that makes him cash everyday. Need I say more…you simply cannot beat information like this!

So there you have it…the ‘tear it to bits, page by page review’ of Affiliate Secret Formula. Back to your burning question:

“Does it deliver?”

In one word YES! It delivers massively – no doubt about it. If you are motivated to take control of your financial life and have the drive to do something about it…then go grab this golden opportunity right now. Remember regardless of what you do, 7,000 people will again become millionaires on the Internet and another 300,000 financially free from affiliate marketing next year. It’s up to you whether you’d like to continue paddling along your current lifestyle or take TRUE financial control of your life and be part of the success group. Your financial future really is in your hands.

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All the best

Evan Hunter

Evan Hunter

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