Affiliate marketers and online advertising agencies were always focusing on Google Adwords as the only source for pay per click traffic, and for that there are hundreds of courses and books that talking about the Adwords system and how you can success on it. This was history and this theory was wrong because today there are more efficient and cheaper PPC programs that can boost your online business to the next level. One of the best online PPC programs is Yahoo search marketing system.

Yahoo search marketing system is an online PPC program which considers the best alternative solution for Google Adwords. The problem was that no one uses this system before because it was not well known for the online marketers as well as there were no online tutorials nor books that talking about this system. For both of these reasons Mr. Dean wrote his complete guide for Yahoo PPC program and he called it “Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots”.

Yahoo cash for idiots is a complete guide for yahoo PPC program. The book contains simple steps that will allows you to master yahoo advertising program. You will learn how to setup a new account at yahoo search marketing, how to write ads including title, description, and url, how to test your ads to make sure it’s working perfect, and how to write ads that sells. The final chapter of the book contains a comparison between Google Adwords system and Yahoo search marketing system to know why the author chooses yahoo PPC  program instead of Google PPC program. The most important part of the book is the chapter that contains the “Glitch Secret” which is three techniques that will improve both your ads CTR and your campaign net profit.

Finally, Yahoo search marketing is the new revolution of the online advertising world but to use it efficiently you need to read guides for it like Yahoo Cash for Idiots book.

Ahmed Elnaggar

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